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Final Fantasy Fan Projects

Below is a brief explanation of my three Final Fantasy Fan Projects.

Each one will ultimate be an in-depth explanation of my vision of a new Final Fantasy game, including a fully-fledge story, descriptions of the various characters, locations and mythos of each world, and a full description of it's battle system and side quests. Everything you would need to build the game, or just imagine it for yourself.

They're currently all a work in progress, although at different stages.

While they're not much more than fan fiction, they will provide a more immersive experience than some short-story. I hope you find the premise of each one interesting, and if you'd like any further details on each one, please let me know.

Final Fantasy VIII-2

Story: Most of the way there
World and Mythos: Almost Complete
Battle System: Complete

Final Fantasy VIII was a story about fate, and it's main message was that "you can't change the past". So you might be wondering how the story could be enhanced in any way.

Firstly, this is as much of a prequel as it is a sequel, presenting a whole new adventure, that ultimately paves the way for Ultimecia's future reign of terror and destruction, before she turns her attentions to the past.

Taking place shortly after the events of VIII, Squall, Rinoa and the gang find themselves at the centre of a worldwide conspiracy that appears to be orchestrated by someone from the future. Using a similar technique Ultimecia used to possess Edea.
With Odines help they find a way to see many years into the future, sometime before Ultimecia's reign, and follow a group of former SeeDs in their struggle against the corrupt and oppressive SeeD regime of the future, in much the same way that they once 'dreamt' of Laguna, Kiros and Ward.
In the end, they have to work with these people in the future, to put an end to the plans of a mysterious figure, who speaks prophecy of the coming of 'the Ultimate Sorceress'.

Final Fantasy XVI

Story: About a Third
World and Mythos: Most of the way there
Battle System: Almost Complete

This title is my original piece, this is my vision of my own perfect Final Fantasy game. I've assigned it to the 16th slot simply because that's the next empty slot in the series, however I'm sure that won't be any good in a few years time when we find out details of the real Final Fantasy XVI. Until then however I will delude myself into thinking that this is Final Fantasy XVI!

General Concepts
These are the few key concepts that I wanted my perfect Final Fantasy game to include in some way.

1. A more fantasy orientated world. We've been given a lot of scifi and hi-tech worlds lately, in XIII and XV, and I'd like a bit of a change. Not a high fantasy game like LotR, not a strictly medieval game like Final Fantasy I-V, but something original.
My vision is of a world with a similar level of technology as in the 1920's, sort of steampunk meets industrial meets art-deco.
It will have a bit of a wild-western twist to it, but also draw some parallels with 19th century europe.
Think Final Fantasy VI, VIII and XII fused into one, but without the hi-tech of Esthar.

2. A mythos inspired by native american culture. We've had X's pacific islands, VIII's was purely european, Type-0's Chinese warring era. Native American is my choice of inspiration for this mythos.
Involving animal spirits and a series of successive worlds, tracing back to the original 'Crystal World'.

3. A return of Guardian Forces. We've had several incarnations of Espers and Eidolons, and several of just plain 'summons'. My battle system is based on equipping a Guardian Force. However unlike in VIII, these aren't junctioned through the use of technology, these are magical spirits that willingly share their power with the characters, giving them access to magic.

4. Turned based, and ATB. A classical but modern battle system, that mixes the best elements of XII and XIII's battle systems. Plus a wholly original system of mine that replaces the need for MP and increases the battle pace at the same time, while still retaining the properties of a classic Final Fantasy turn-based game.

Final Fantasy EPIC

Story: About a third
World and Mythos: About half way
Battle System: The basics are all worked out.

This is a fun little spin off title. Final Fantasy EPIC is a episodic game that follows the adventures of Gilgamesh, as he travels the different Final Fantasy universes through the Void.

In a similar vein as Dissidia, experience all the different Final Fantasy worlds, plus one entirely new and original one, from the perspective of Gilgamesh, as he collects the ultimate weapons of each world, and embarks on a quest for eternal life which takes an unexpected turn and might just change his entire outlook on life.

Loosely based on the ancient Sumerian tale 'The Epic of Gilgamesh', that the character was inspired by.

It would feature a battle system similar to Crisis Core, or perhaps Type-0, with a system revolving entirely around weapons. Gilgamesh can equip several weapons at any time, and which weapons you've acquired and equip will alter his fighting style and give you more abilities.