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Last Login: 05/23/2012 7:07 am

Registered: 07/08/2006

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Location: Canada


Why hello there! You seem to have stumbled onto my profile, is it possible that you want to know more about little ol' me? Well then! I shall oblige you.

You may call me Sera. It isn't my name, but that isn't the point, seeing as I didn't say 'My name is Sera'. In fact, if you want to know my real name and are smart about it, you can probably figure it out. It's on my profile somewhere, after all. But, I would still prefer to be called Sera.

So, we've established a name. What else do you need to know? Ah, I've got it! I'm over a quarter of a century old now, and getting older by the day. But though my body may be aging, I don't feel any older or more mature. I'm still a kid at heart, I still prefer video games to social gatherings. Does that make me bad? Some would think so, I figure it just makes me me.

I live in Canada, but I'm not exactly a patriotic person. I have enough trouble feeling pride in my city, let alone my country. If I feel pride in myself, that's a good day. It's not like Canada is a bad place or anything, but it is just a place. Canada doesn't care if I'm patriotic, after all.

Oh yes, I don't live by myself. I live with my wonderful (mostly) husband and our roommate and friend. There is also two adorable cats spreading their hair across our carpets. One is named Grim Reaper, he's a big black kitty who was at one point the runt of the litter. Let's just say that he grew into his ears. The other cat is Seraphim. We went with a theme, lame I know, but if we hadn't I wouldn't have this username! Sera is a little two-faced rat-cat. She's quite tiny and her face is half blonde, half black/brown. She's my little angel, even though I'm pretty sure she's a devil in disguise. I still loves them both.

Gosh, is there anything else you need to know? Probably, seeing as all I've really told you is where I live and who I live with. Not much information, hmmm?

Well, here goes with more details! I fancy myself a writer and am attempting to finish a novel. It's a slow process, three years in the works, mainly because I am a well-polished procastinator. I have hopes though, because it slowly gets done and I am still in love with the story. So, after three years, that has to mean something!

I used to draw, or doodle is more like it. Even drew a really nice drawing of the mian character from Bleach, Ichigo, for my husband one year. It looks amazing, but I can't draw that well most of the time. Maybe if I stopped with my damn procastinating I could get better, but its so frustrating because I hate when the picture doesn't turn out like it is in my head, and it will never be like it is in my head, because I'm not at that level yet, not even close. It's one of those viscious circle/ catch 22 type things. Very frustrating, I assure you.

Wait! One last detail. I has a tattoo, and it is on the center of the mayan calendar, their god of the sun. It is on the back of my neck and my husband has a matching one on his shoulder. Speaking of my husband, if you would like to watch a slide show of our wedding in Mexico, feel free to click the link below. My mom made that dress - isn't it amazing?

The best day of my life


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Pierced Pothead Report | 01/08/2012 3:00 pm
Pierced Pothead
Thanks for the purchase! heart
c0nvergence Report | 08/26/2011 4:57 pm
Thanks for buying! ^ - ^
Melfina-san41235 Report | 08/16/2011 10:39 am
Thanks for the purchase!! ^^
l-lannah Report | 06/15/2011 12:56 pm
I really love your avi, the colours are gorgeous! heart
VVhip Report | 06/12/2011 9:53 am
Your avatar is absolutely beautiful!
Nova Firespiral Report | 04/19/2011 8:20 am
Nova Firespiral

And you too!
Nova Firespiral Report | 04/19/2011 8:16 am
Nova Firespiral
*looks back at list*

Oh, oops. I'm sorry. My brain must have added that one in there.
Nova Firespiral Report | 04/19/2011 8:15 am
Nova Firespiral
It's ok. I understand getting the bunnies.
Nova Firespiral Report | 04/19/2011 8:11 am
Nova Firespiral
Sorry. I added you because if I'm in interpreting this correctly, you get a bunny from accepting a friend request.
Nova Firespiral Report | 04/19/2011 8:10 am
Nova Firespiral


Quest = Wings.
I want all the animated wings. Or at least as many as I can get my grubby little paws on.

Best day of my life