Name: Seraphim Erioth/Seraphim of the Holy Rose

Class: Holy Knight

Rank: Captain and White Knight of the Rose Council

Weapon: Blades of the Archangel, Ariel and Uriel

New Abilities: Controller of the Spheres of Heaven. There are three Spheres of Heaven and each sphere has three different choirs. There are nine choirs in all. The Spheres are pretty much the level base of the spell and the choir is what summons the specific ability. First sphere, first choir being the highest and third sphere, ninth choir being the lowest.

First sphere, first choir of Seraphim
First sphere, second choir of Cherubim
First sphere, third choir of Thrones
Second sphere, forth choir of Dominions
Second sphere, fifth choir of Virtues
Second sphere, sixth choir of Powers
Third sphere, seventh choir of Principalities
Third sphere, eighth choir of Archangels
Third sphere, ninth choir of Angels

(list of spell abilities soon to come)

Story: Long ago , after the fall of Lucifer from heaven, the Lord of heavens created a Seraphim that would take the place of Lucifer in protecting the throne. His name was Erioth. Erioth's ability was great and he grew in great favor from the Lord of the heavens , but the other Seraphim did not much care for this new flashy angel. One day all of the other Seraphim gathered together while Erioth was sent on an errand to another plane and formed a seal that would seal a Seraphim into a humanoid form, ridding him of his wings. Upon his return, they ambushed him, sealed him, and sent him through a portal to another plane of existence. He awoke a blur only to first see that he no longer had his wings, but unknown to the other Seraphim, they could never sever an angels connection to the heaven when it come to an angels abilities. Using his abilities he made his way through the ages of this new world still staying in the shadow of society, he avoided any type of fame. Erioth watched kingdoms be born and fall time and time again. He bore his white garments and armor proudly, doing his good deeds throughout time, also studying the magics of the world, so that maybe one day he would break his seal and returns to the immortal plane once more. Through many years of practice he developed his own fighting style as well as a form of magic that he named the Spheres of Heaven, in which can call upon his wings and the powers of the heavens for a limited time. A wanderer for most of his existence on this plane, he came across a select few that he could actually call comrades, thus forming the guild known as Knights of the Rose, despite also keeping is own agenda, they grew to call him their Captain. Always being a whispered rumor on the lips of the countless lives that he had saved throughout the ages, the Seraphim of the Holy Rose moved forward with hope for the future creating new legends along with his band of comrades, with hope that one day he can return to the place he calls his home.