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Sliding into action, no wait, scratch that, onto stage is none other then Seraphim Hazard! Giving a flirtatious wink while blowing out kisses to the unseen crowd. “Just call me Hazard, hunny.” So deviously smitten was the accent she spoke with.

Enough of that, yes? Of course!

Seraphim Hazard does indeed have a meaning, shocking? Not exactly but it truly does have a meaning. It generally means twelve winged hazard. So witty of I! I suppose I should stop stroking my own ego now. Some may find me narcissistic. I love that word! It’s so fun to say. I’m getting side tracked again, how terrible is that habit of mine. I swear I have the attention span of a goldfish. Well not exactly like a gold fish since it is only three seconds. Mine may be a little more like ten or less.

Hazard’s main purpose on this delightful website is to role-play. I really do not have much of any other reason seeing how this site was originally created to be a role-play site. It was in the header. A role-playing community but it has been taken out and changed. I missed the old gaia when have a hundred gold was being rich! Then again one flows with change. Inflation sucks!

Though it is easier to get more gold these days. I never did think for a single macro second back in the old days of anyone having a million gold less then having a hundred! It was such an over stretched idea that one merely toyed with the idea. Now all one needs to do is pray that they win the lottery on gaia and they will get a s**t load more then a million. Eh.

So, back on topic, role-playing. I enjoy it immensely. It’s my sinful pleasure. I role-play yaoi and hetero to name the couples/pairings. I have tried yuri but it just wasn’t in my flavor box people. Do not hate me because I simply do not find it interesting to have two females hooking up like I do with the thought of two males. That’s just how I tuck and roll. To place a label, I’m literate. I can type out five plus some paragraphs, more then half the time they are rather chunky, with ease. Though if I try pushing past seven I find it rather difficult. So I’m not exactly advanced. To those who may think that I am, hunnies and dears you are surely mistaken and have been mislead. A true advanced literate can pump out seven to eight paragraphs with ease and still have more to add. That’s just how damn good they are! If you think that’s a novel then you must not pick up a lot of books or at least any good ones.

I prefer to role-play out fantasy. I’m a junkie for it and romance. Hey, I am a female and I like it. That doesn’t mean I’m looking for those bullshit Disney kind either. What I want I is reality mixed in. No love at first sight. Lust at first sight? Hell yeah that is believable. It happens all the time so it’s real. Not everything ends with a happy story or ends with them being together. I hate pre-made endings.

I’m not going to rant on about my preferences but if you do drop and check this out, stayed and heave read, drop me a PM or a comment if your interested in role-playing. Oh, I only role-play one x ones. I do have multiple characters at once. It’s boring with only one. So if you like to know me, contact me! It’s hard for me to contact you when I do not even know if you exist or not. It makes sense, yeah?

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We now find ourselves in the nit and gritty part of this ‘About Me’ section. The one behind the pixels! The one who acts as a god, well goddess in this case, for the avatar!

First off, I am a true female. My avatar is not lying or misleading. Though my mule account is very misleading indeed. I have a total of three accounts. Two mules and my main. You want to know those too? Well tough luck kid. The chances of that happening is slim to none. My main is for all my yaoi needs and fetishes. That’s my love there. I do a few yaoi here but the true brunt of the force that is behind my love of yaoi is what my main is all about. Well…what it turned out to be at least. My other account is for avatar art. That’s all it’s around for. Just to go about into various forum art shops and buy avatar art. Nothing else is really done on that account. No, wait, I lied. It’s the account for all my junk or useless items. I have a packrat streak and an issue with throwing things away soooo…it’s all collected on the other account. Haha, I’m such a fruit cake.

Moving along to the next important thing. What I am willing to share with you that is private! I’ll list everything in order.
- Real Name: Heather
- Age: 20, I’ll be the big 2 1 on November 8th.
- Occupation: I’m a college student/ part time cashier at a gas station.
- Area: I live on the East Coast of the U.S. There’s my standard time for you.

That’s just about the personal information that is pointless for you to have unless you wish to be friends with I then it may not be. Anything more specific or personal really depends on my mood or what my opinion of you via internet chat we have. So far only one individual knows anything more personal about myself and is not a real life friend. Though I do hope that we can be! When she rocks the socks, she rocks the boat. She’s that effin’ awesome.

I love music but I have a very wide selection of what I enjoy listening too. No worries if you ever become a frequent visitor to my profile, though I doubt it, you’ll see. For now I may end up throwing up some World of Warcraft music videos and etc. Everything is bound to change.

I enjoy reading. My favorite fantasy race is vampires. Do NOT assume that I’m a Twilight whore. I am not, in fact I rather despise, loath the entire worse-than-pre-school-s**t of Twilight. Get the picture, I do hope so. Flame my page? I’ll report you. Go ahead and test that for I am not the type to make idle threats. I won’t waste time on asking you to stop or to argue with you online. K’thanks.

Anything else? Well I love random comments and messages! I enjoy getting to know people but right now the only thing that gets on my nerve the most is what was previously mentioned above this paragraph. That’s the only real landmine one needs to worry about. That’s why it’s mentioned.



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I miss you!
Where have you disappeared to, my love?!

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Thank you very much. ^.^
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Haha. Arn't you epic?
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Yushums? ^3^

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No time to say hello,good-bye! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!
Lol. My profile needed some Alice in Wonderland. XD
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D:< Roar!
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Awww. ;w;
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Paki Sevachi

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Yyyyeah...no clue where to get that magical link.
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