Hey everybody ^^ This is actually my 3rd Gaian account ^^;; eheh I haven't been on Gaia for three years (long time o.o) but now I'm back. xD There isn't much to know about me, but I like to write. I fail at these "About Me" things, so let's just leave it at this. Feel free to friend me, but talk to me... or I'll be forced to delete you for taking up space, haha (no, really, just talk to me =]) Bye~


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The Inner Workings of SeraphicTune

The Inner Workings of SeraphicTune

Hmmm...a general area for my musings (ah, I quite like that word) Hmmm...I wonder if the journal title is alright, lol


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Report | 10/30/2009 3:43 pm


I can't drive yet. I don't have my permit... My birthday was great~

Report | 10/29/2009 3:06 pm


Thank you~ I'm now 17.

Report | 10/14/2009 9:53 am


lol yup, Otomen actually just restarted yesterday XD haha, I finally caught up, and at the end of the supposed "finale", I was so lost.. the 8th episode is really really random... :l like, I have no idea where the story came from XD but eh.
Yeah, Columbus Day is a federal holiday :p
Bird Man? hm, nope, I don't know.. it might be from one of the Odoroki specials, where they try to fly... but I'm not sure if they actually did try or I'm just making it up in my mind XD lol.

Report | 10/12/2009 2:57 pm


lol, I actually have no idea! XD It's kind of crazy... but I guess it's a good thing I don't know what's playing other than My Girl, or I'd be wanting to watch other dramas... hm. I'll check out Fall drama season in like, January, after college apps are done. I like how I'm assuming that along with college applications, my AP classes will get easier in January xD Which won't happen.. but eh. whatever.
hm, I actually have no idea what episode it is ;l sorry! XD
Yeah~ oooh, Odoroki SPs are pretty epic, I think I should tell my science teacher about them. Email them to him. XD ahhaa. but they really are interesting! biggrin and amazing. and I feel so brilliant after watching them and trivia-ing people xD hahaha.
Nope smile I go to an American school, so we get the federal holidays >:]
PLUS. we had a teacher work day on Friday, so it was a 4-day weekend <3

Report | 10/11/2009 6:25 am


haha, yeah, My Girl was pretty amazing biggrin yay. XD I think I'm limited to one drama this season, due to time constraints... so <3 My Girl . yay. haha. biggrin
Gakkou... the cross-dressing thing? :p lololol. XD
yeah biggrin Did you ever watch the one where they tried to go into a Suit+Tie restraunt with like, a sparkly suit + tie? and really flashy and oversized? lolol. XD

mm, Nino fan, eh? x] Nino's magic tricks are pretty cool biggrin actually, theyre really cool, I wish I could do them. xD lol.

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hahaha, it's not a problem XD lol
and so sorry about how short this reply is, but lol, omg, that DnA episode is really funny smile hm, haven't watched the lingerie one ;o will have to track it down! ;D

so sorry about the length :l must go to sleep~ XD

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aww, thank you! biggrin So sorry this is a little late >_<
Yup, I turned 17... gah I feel so old sad boo~ but! I'm a senior, so it's okay ;] haha.
yeah :3 I haven't listened to it yet, have you? I've fallen a little out of the fandom, I still keep up, but not like I used to XD haha. oh well :p

Report | 06/20/2009 6:00 am


loool, yeah, falling to the floor xD Oh Oh-chan is so funny sometimes. XD
lool, yeah, my sister and I fight a lot, plus I can get pretty cruel with the words I use sometimes. ;p
I knowwwwww~ ! and no Japanese dramas? surprised it's be a tragedyyy
hahaa, your evil plan of converting friends XD
lol, well, Jun might put on cologne, but it's all the same, you know? XD
50 posts??? o_O
yessss! really good combo, I was like, "/go go go!"
hahaha, really? biggrin I felt almost embarrassed saying Satoru, since you said Fuu, and Satoru =/= Fuu! not even close, bahaha. XD but his smileee~ it's like, so... shy looking yet cute, you know, you know? XD
haha, yeah, koizora was amazing, I'd suggest it. the girl who plays Misaki is also a main character, along with.. Seto Koji?
yeh, haha, I guess. XD but thinking of a hot pink phone, I want one! A plain black phone doesn't match me, but oh well, I rarely use my cell phone anyways XD
yeah, Everything looks nice ^_^
aww, really? biggrin Yes, get her away from Tokio Hotel, they're disgusting! convert her, convert her! hahahaa. xD
:3 the members of Arashi? or Arashi and Tokio Hotel? o_O

Report | 06/19/2009 12:52 am


haha, okay. that's nice they'll switch back to DDL maybe! biggrin aww, your brother said that to you? surprised XD ahhaha, I'm sure he was joking... or at least, think, if I was your brother, I wouldn't say it, since we share the common interest, and so we'd both be blabbing away, right? XD
yeah, definitely! Seriously, I can't imagine life without the internet.. and arashi. ah, I'm a weirdo xD but really, like, I wonder what I'd be like now if I hadn't've switched to Japanese music and found Arashi? D: I would have nothing to vest all my time in! D:!
wow, so you've made a lot of progress! impressive that you got her so far! biggrin yay, though, if she's gone from saying bad voices -> liking a few songs, I think it's not so far until you've made another fan, ahhaha.
yeah, yeah, he even puts on perfume, right? XD haha.
ah, you never saw it? it came up a bunch of times.. on G no Arashi, I think. :3
lol yeah, TQS. XD when I posted the comment, it was like, 12:30 am in Germany, so it had already become Friday, so I meant tomorrow, which was technically Saturday, would be finale XD haha.
x___x yeah, I ended up watching all 10.. D: haha. and then I was like, "NOOO, WHY DIDN'T THE ROMANCE SIDE EXPAND MORE? D: D:!!" XD ahha.
ummmm, no Fuu and Sho, Sho and.. Satoru! XD hahaha, the guy who plays Satoru, I watched a whole season of Kamen Rider because I liked the actor.. after watching Koizora, where he was amazing. <3 [the drama, btw :3] ahha.
x___x LJ is hard, huh? not as hard as Vox though, I gave up on vox XD ahha. ummm. well, first you have to get a layout from a layout maker like.. omikimiyage or something like that? idk, there are a bunch of profiles out there, you just have to search.. and then you just follow the instructions, I guess XD
woooh, congrats on finishing all your tests ! biggrin yay!
O____O oh my, that's scary.
lol, talking about cell phones..
aiba-chan is so weird, he was talking about his cellphone on the radio, and talking about how he decided that black + silver + white cell phones were boring and he was tired of them, so when he went and got the cellphone he's using now, he got a HOT pink one XD lmao.

oh, I found a link for a video of the Ohno-Nino dog picture, if you haven't seen it yet XD http://www.mediafire.com/?d91yqc2frgz
couldn't find just the drawing though, sorry XD

Report | 06/18/2009 3:31 pm


ugh, really? x____-x that sucks. but torrents are really easy, for new and popular torrents, seeds won't be a problem. all seeds are, are people who have already finished downloading the file and just continually upload, so they make downloads for others faster... so once a DL finishes, it helps a lot for others if you keep it open anyways :p
but yeah, for new files, I definitely recommend torrents, they're a lot faster biggrin
loll. yeah! arashi is pretty cool sometimes, huh? XDF
eh, but you've more brave than I am :3 haha. I'm way too timid about my interests... T_____T although I'd love to have someone to share my fandom with, you know? like, someone I know in rl D: oh well, I can just hope that in college I'll find someone... >___<
really? :3 is that the friend who said Ohno had a bad voice.. or something like that? :3
Riida a girl? O_O not MatsuJun or Nino.. or even Sho? surprised that is a shock! haha. MatsuJun's movements .. and a couple other things are so feminine. oh, nino XD aahaha. but nino, it's so bad lately, every time I see him, I imagine the dog-Nino drawing Ohno did... XD
aifje;foja;wei TOMORROW! [since it just became Friday over here XD] TOMORROW IS FINALE! ZOMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. my head will burst xD
loll, nice.
oh man. so, I started AnD.. and >_________< in one day I watched 9 episodes, and I'm gunna watch ep. 10 now... and ahhh! I feel so guilty watching though, since half the reason I watch is for the two hot guys >_____> haha. *pervert* XD hahaha.
but yeah :3 it's interesting too. but <3 they're pretty 8D k, will be off to watch ep. 10 now XD


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