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I've always hated writing about myself .
Because I don't know just exactly what I want to say
I'd hate to sound obnoxious, hehe
I guess I could start off with saying
I am a senior in High School
Class of '09 betches <3
Another thing I guess I could state is that
I love music, it truely moves me
And its probably the only other thing that keeps me
Extreme much?
Perhaps I am =]
The other thing, besides music, would be my awesome
I seriously wouldn't be who I am today without them
Even with the friends I've lost along the way
For one reason or another
What moves me?
Video games, hahaha, I know what you are thinking
I'll be proud... actually no I won't teehee
It keeps me entertained when I am bored, so what
I think its better then waiting around on here to do
The latest bulletin floating around
I mean come on, the questions are all the same sooner or later
The people on my Top are there because
I am on their top, tehehe, except for some exceptions
Is that shallow? =]
Are you still reading this?
May I suggest something else to do?
How about playing Maple Story?
Cute, free, fun game
Hhahaha, I'll never be pro status
Even if I am lv 122
Still here?
How do you like my choice of music?
I have a wide variety
Though its easier to tell that from my iTunes
Actually, I can't believe I am still typing this
I am just talking to myself, or some other poor bored soul
Who has nothing to do until the next big party, or Nexon opens the game again
Ehe he he =]


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Report | 07/08/2011 3:43 pm


*Hugz* I hope those cup cakes are coming along well! I can't wait to get to eat something you made! pirate
Gabriel -The Angelic-

Report | 03/08/2011 4:50 pm

Gabriel -The Angelic-

I was able to reply! Sigh-
I hope to receive one back soon k? I'll be watching ^_^

Report | 03/07/2011 11:31 pm


*Hugz* Will be out of Town Til this weekend! Miss you!
*Hugz* Rob
Aleda Angelfire

Report | 03/06/2011 7:27 pm

Aleda Angelfire

I'm okay. smile How about yourself?
No, not yet. We are on our Mardi Gras break.
We still have a while til our spring break unfortunately...
I'm looking forward to it though.

Report | 03/05/2011 3:01 pm


*HUgz* and Thanks Lydia! I hope your having fun with your botfriend!
Aleda Angelfire

Report | 03/05/2011 1:27 pm

Aleda Angelfire

Thanks. ^___^
Yours is beautiful as always. <3

Report | 03/01/2011 4:23 pm


March 5th this sat.

Lydia I know your more "Dirty" Then I. rofl
You can bake and make all types of fun things. rofl

Report | 02/28/2011 6:55 pm


You do know that my Birthday is in a few days... so what do you have planned for his visit? Chocolate syrup for his/your dessert? twisted

Report | 02/28/2011 6:23 pm


Welcome back to Gaia. So you got anything you don't want.. rofl
How you been, I know busy with school and all, but other then school hows your life?

Report | 02/28/2011 3:24 pm


Well then we'll have to see about a visit. heart *Hugz* BTW your in TX right? sweatdrop