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Ugh... I hate this part, never know what to write...

I love good comedy!
And cats!
Also I love roses and everything rose themed!!

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I appreciate the purchase! Please come by again! 3nodding
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thank you for your purchase!
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Thank you! heart
x_cupcakez_x Report | 03/04/2017 8:33 pm
Hello there! How are you doing? Would you mind donating with whatever you can towards my art quest? Anything helps, thank you so much! Hope you have a wonderful day/night!
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Thanks for buying!
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Thanks for buying! Come again!
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0dd Eyed Cat
Thank you for purchasing from my store heart
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Saccharine Light
You're welcome and thank you. :3
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Thank you for your purchase!!
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thanks for purchasing! heart

I hold your hand, close my eyes all I love finally dies
Drank the poison most foul with you...
But why do you smile?

...Don't smile
Don't you smile
You were supposed to Wither away with me, so, Juliette
Please don't smile
I'm paralyzed and you are still alive.

I never had a chance to prove I wasn't guilty,
I always seemed to get blamed for
Every little crime, I didn't even have a name for...

And every man gets what no man deserves

I climbed up the mountain,
and dug a grave for each day of pain,
it's in the past, this moment's so frail...
I am what you made me
With years of abuse, So burn!!!!

Empty shell inside of me I'm not myself, I'm a replica of me...

I'm gonna break you
I'm gonna make you
A ******** psycho