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The Valfor

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Sephmaru Battou
Born on April 12,[early 19th century] in a small remote town called Kohsaka. Sephmaru's family consisted of him and his mother, a former japanese goverment assigned assassin during WWII, Setsuki Battou. Ashiteru Kobayashi, Sephmaru's swordsman father, was not of Earth.

To Understand Sephmaru you must first learn about his parents and how they met

.Ashiteru was of a race called the fenix, a bird like species that were constintly at war with a draconic race called the Seiryu. Ashiteru met Setsuki on accident, as the battles raged on his planet, he found he, his Seiryu archnemsis/former childhood friend, Ryouu, and a Maiki, a friend of both of them, stranded on Earth. Setsuki helped guild them through the crowds of New York city, traveling towards japan will many japanese citizens were being relocated to camps.the journey was long and hard, and Setsuki and Ashiteru eventually fell in love. eventually they made it back to her home of Kyoto. but sadly a great violet phoenix apeared in the sky, Ikazuchi, a cosmic evil entity that created chaos by invokeing hatered in the hearts of all. Ashiteru went to battle with the beast of evil, btu in a flash Ashiteru,Ryouu,Maiki,and ikazuchi vanished.

Nine months later Sephmaru was born. Setsuki ahd fled Kyoto after ashiteru's dissapearance, she traveled to Kohsaka and had sephmaru there.
in the first years of sephmaru's life the only family he knew of was his mother, and his father, from the stories she'd tell him. when he was eight years old Setsuki returned to Kyoto and he was introduced to his swordsmen family.

one year later

Sephmaru's family is slaughtered right infront of him, his mother, his aunts, even a few of his friends who happened to be near the house. butchered by one pyscotic member of the family, Inari.
Sephmaru survived Inari's fight only on sheer will, and to this day has several deep wounds that occasinly open back up and bleed.

Sephmaru's story was original part of a long runing fanfiction called SAPRA. in the original story sephmaru's father was Sephiroth and his mother was decendant of kenshin himura, makeing Sephmaru a person born with swordsmanship in his veins.

I don't posess the skill the draw my charecter's designs.


Aishiteru's hair was designed after Sephiroth's, (meaning he has the Sephy Bangs) but it's pure white, and held loosely in a red and white striped ribbon (like a temple rope). his eyes are bright yellow. Ashiteru posseses a kind face but often tires to hide it due
to a rumor he was brought up with that "those with eyes like the yellow rose shall be lover not warrior" because of the war that broke out when he a child and continued on into his adulthood, and the fact that he is the oldest son of the Emperor, make him wish for power and coldness, to hide his weakness. When Ashiteru first met setsuki he called her weak, seeming as he could defeat her in a duel in a matter of seconds. before Being called weak by him setsuki had been fighting in the war on her own planet since her childhood, unlike him she had no childhood, or time of peace. so in desperation setsuki began to train herself to the point of fatal overexertion. nearly killing herself she finaly obtained the skill to battle him once more. in the end Ashiteru had fallen in love with setsuki

ashiteru's body structure wise he is about 6 ft 2, agile and quick with a swordsman's build. his has wings
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this here is the dream avatar for the charecter Sephmaru battou
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Aim the bunny
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who the hell're you talkin' about?
Sephmaru Battou Report | 12/07/2011 2:26 am
Sephmaru Battou
Sephmaru Battou Report | 07/12/2011 10:08 pm
Sephmaru Battou
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Danz Furacao
thank you for d purchase
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Leviathan D Constance
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Leviathan D Constance
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