Hi my name is Jada or Bingu. I turn my head at either.
No I am not Korean, stop asking, I am black. Is the photo
not enough for guys? No? Why not, please tell me why?
I'm a junior in high school, freshman in college ( NERD )
but don't worry I've been told my maturity level is higher.
I'm a busy child, but I always find time for Gaia.
Been a k / j pop fan since 5th grade. I plan on remaining one.
My ultimate bias is Bi Rain. Hands down. I believe in the Rainism.
I love Pokemon. Play Pokemon. Live Pokemon. Breathe Pokemon.
Gotta be a master you know, so if you wanna challenge me just
ask me for my FC. I'm also collecting shinies, so, yeah. Holla.
I barely role play these days. But I'll never completely stop.
You can mainly find me in the chatterbox now. The hell hole of gaia.
The best friend spot has been taken, yes, by Jikyeojulke. I mean Yoju.
No no, wait I actually mean Satan Senpai. I'm twilight zoning b***h.
I'm my orchestra's slave apparently. Been that way since 6th grade.
And I'm a Gaia veteran, since I've been on Gaia since 5th grade.
Shh, don't tell the admins. Love you all.