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send me to the moon: a quest

Hello there! I hope that this day finds you well. My name is Sparrow (pseudonym). I'm a sleep-deprived, twenty-year-old Chinese girl who is majoring in communications (internet & social media). I'm an introvert, although I'm normally energetic and social to the point that people believe that I'm an extrovert. When it comes to socializing online, I can be an awkward dork. Messaging people makes me feel extremely anxious. I'm sorry if I ignore you or don't respond for a while. I can be talkative when comfortable, but if you're going to send me one-sentence replies, I'm sorry, but I don't think we'll have a very successful conversation.

At this point, I don't have the energy to maintain or develop friendships, so I may not be replying to many messages. It's not fair to others because I'm so busy that I cannot respond in a timely manner, so I'd rather be honest and leave this here. I hope that you understand!

In my free time, I enjoy writing (stories, poems, songs), drawing, and playing the piano, as well as other hobbies that I won't bore you with. I've recently started to draw with a more realistic style, so I'm starting to become excited about art. My music taste is all over the place, though I like listening to Kpop.

dotorimuk is my Koreabop, my main man (d-o-t-o-r-i-m-u-k, my main man), number one bestie, and so many things that I can't put into words. She is my little sister, so please be nice or I'll need to have a little chat with you.