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I'm Senshi ^^ This is my gaia profile I don't come here a lot only when I'm really bored. I was born in yuba city and had moved a lot in my life, My family settled her in 2003. It was a horrible life until I met some actual friends in 7th grade, I loved them to death. In 8th they added a new girl she had a dark ora around her even though she acted innocent, I still have my empathic abilities and I know all children have this empathic ability until they choose it's unnecessary anymore. But this girl coned my friends into thinking she was nice- I doubted her through out the time I've known her and still doubt her today..... Well in my freshman year I saw her true UGLY colors, I met her "cousin" (they aren't blood but the consider each other family) a sweet guy- that I fell in love with and we are together still today. We met online and from what he's told me it was love at first site (ha ha) to him. I broke up with my current boyfriend at the time (NOT WHAT YOU THINK JUST WAIT AND I WILL EXPLAIN!) because he was an a*****e that had cheated on me time and time again; now he and I are friends and the past is the past with us. Anyway the same day we broke up my boyfriend (current) asked me out, I said sure because at the time I was kinda just flirty and wasn't really thinking- but I wouldn't of ever said no to him. But over time that girl made our lives a living hell- from the last I've know they were disowned... Not for my actions but their own. It wasn't my fault I did nothing to make them act that way.

I am in love with him and he is in love with me- I really hope we can be together for a long time ♥

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Live for music die for love and never give up!


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Live for music, die for love and never give up