Try to be strong
Don't cry, smile
Your broken but don't show it
Live on and try
Even if death seems easier
Don't cry my dear
Smile and keep moving on
Even when your all alone
Just try to be strong
Strong until you are dead

Female, from middle of nowhere Minnesota.

~<Avi Art Quest>~ [67/100]
By immadee
By Koa-Ani
By Koa-Ani
By Minday
By Angelic_Snowy
By Praetorian_X
By Randommoment705
By Randommoment705
By Rawrella
By Anarnee
By hpanna47
By Mutationification
By lilxnancy
By ZombieRum
By rabbits4life
By iSundae
By Tissot
By iSundae
By Pelvic Thrust Fairy
By -HinataAoi-
By The Opheliac
By Zeamay
By Salt my Wounds Please
By Gran Turismo
By Earth-san
By Simply Indescribable
By StacieLeVelle
By icefire_26
By Basuk
By LensTeaTime
By LensTeaTime
By Doctor Verin Furrel
By PrincessOfTheNight1988
By AperturePengui
By Naitmaere
By Buvic
By Toulouse Kooloo Limpah
By La-Gojira
By iipandakissii
By ViceDevice
By xiao_tensh
By Bleed back
By Contessa Neko
By Sythra Flame
By Byte Bandit
By havockitty
By Corvias
By LunchboxMateria
By Xx_StArGaZer_Lily_xX
By vinnieg33
By .[R]. u b y
By a bad ash
By Syiin
By Canadian Galxo
By Leaden Disintegration
By I3ue Eyed Suicide
By cat nap good
By Cookie Flavoured Condoms
By Darkumz
By Feral Xenica Knight
By Atelier Mairu
By Kaptain Epic
By Mini Bo Bini
By venafydan



Senko and Amber the two sides.

Senko the sad, Amber the happy.



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Zero Epoch

Boop! Long time no see, so booped ya.

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Guess I'm not the only person who randomly logs on still.
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Sexual Bunnie

Been a long time
Kaji no Kitsune

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Kaji no Kitsune

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-wags- Kaji prides in his fluff!
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You're welcome! ^ ^
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Hello there stranger : o
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Naturally Nebulous

Beautiful profile. It's very peaceful.


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