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"The domains of kings are limited by natural barriers or changes of customs or language. My kingdom is as large as the world, for I am neither Italian, French, Hindu, American or Spanish: I am a cosmopolite. I adopt all customs and I speak all languages... Therefore, since I am from no country, since I ask no government for protection, and since I regard no man as my brother, I am not deterred by any of the scruples or obstacles that paralyse the efforts of the weak. I have only three adversaries. The first two are distance and time, but with persistence I am able to overcome them. The third one is the most terrible: the fact that I am mortal. Only that can stop me before I reach my goal. Unless I die, I will always be what I am."

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kaipang Report | 05/08/2018 8:56 pm
aah singapore... not so far and yet not so close either biggrin D
lol u are such domestic gurl sen san xD

but at least u have had crossover the ocean while im still here within province area xD
my furthest is just crossover the strait to the nearby smaller island xD

enjoy the rest of the days on your singapore visit sen san, if i were there i wanna try that famous one of two only street food that has michelin star in the world biggrin
im a bit skeptic with this michelin star stuff, is it really that out of the world kind of flavor that my tongue gonna experience, well.. considering my "the world" is not that vast yet xD
anyway enjoy and be safe be healthy biggrin
kaipang Report | 05/07/2018 7:01 pm
wuuut?? lupin the third? xDD
so the hype is real, i didnt watched it yet myself T-T

as per my perspective i always consider myself to be blessed thank you for asking sen san biggrin D
how about yourself? ^_^

ah how do you think the movie was from your personal view biggrin
kaipang Report | 05/07/2018 12:45 am
hulloo... is anybody home? biggrin
sen san have u watch infinity wars yet? biggrin
Thoron_Dread Report | 12/31/2017 7:13 am
Hey you, I havn't forgotten about you razz . Miss talking and I miss our old rp still. It's been so long now it's making me feel old.
kaipang Report | 11/03/2017 12:13 am
lol sen san u just being too kind, hontouni arigatou gozaimasu ^___^
i need to make some breakthrough this year i mean hmm perhaps having such concrete goal would be nice biggrin

i lamenting alot on my bd lol xD

time sure went fly by ^^:
kaipang Report | 10/06/2017 4:29 pm
haha a death note, it seems like the thing we can buy at comicon or sumthing biggrin

hmm horror newspaper, cant find any ^^; been a while didnt read sumthing horror biggrin

ah speaking of terry, they aired a 3d animation of king of fighter exclusively in their youtube official channel XD
but yeah i prefer a fluid 2d animation XD

and the episode 1 of new kino no tabi just came this morning sen san, didnt watch it yet tho biggrin
kaipang Report | 10/05/2017 7:34 pm
well not that harshly he just doesn't agree with the cast to be all japanese, i personaly agree with him tho, i cant imagine colonel armstrong to be a japanese xD

owh really there sen san, u really didnt talk about anime with other ppl that freely? i thought ur place has a great anime lover base, some of cosplayer from ur country even popular at my place like liui and alodia biggrin

when i wrote this i was in the middle of anime convo with my friends at work about what goku new power gonna be like? and i told them that it must be super saiyan white just to tease them and they denied it badly coz they thought the super saiyan with white hair were only net meme alias fanmade super saiyan 6, but i actually got the news from some anime website lol even tho i didnt watch the anime yet biggrin

well most my friend only watch mainstream anime like dragon ball and one piece, coz they watch it from their younger days on local tv like most kids at that time are, including me biggrin

i dont know the sailor moon like yet, but the swimming title seems to be "free!" biggrin

ah castlevania from netflix, netflix gotten alot money lately and made their own anime and even death note movie exclusively on their network biggrin

kaipang Report | 10/04/2017 8:42 pm
lol roses are red, eggplants are purple, just be what u like, all u get are flatter biggrin

ow really, jade curtiss, i dont know much about him, i even didnt finish the game yet, and kinda forgotten his role in the anime either ^^:
my preference are quiet dark and strong mc for example hei from darker than black xD

lol congratz on your less busy time sen san, i feels useless on my holiday time lately, i need to think more about what to do on my next one, or it would be gone in a flash xD

ara yes fma live action, it does looks decent from the trailer, yet i still have a slight prejudice on a live action movie tho haha, i even read the news that the director of the anime unleashed a bit harsh critique on it xD

yes one punch man is fun, how the author build the tension over couple chapters and the hero did it in one or two pages, i respect the author's guts lol xD

the same with dragonball i only follow the manga, but its sooo fall behind the anime and somehow the details are different, to me the true ending is on buu saga biggrin
kaipang Report | 10/04/2017 12:37 am
lol u are so observant remind me of my teacher in high school biggrin
btw, d u have something interesting in anime or non anime world to tell me to sen-san? biggrin

kaipang Report | 09/30/2017 4:40 am
well i want to hear ur always positive response,ur always positive attitude once for a while hehe biggrin