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The Cross Fox...

Sen the Cross Fox is a master assassin of 26 years old. He is an aloof man who can be thought of as rude by some. Despite these qualities, he is also dangerously charming, which, combined with his good looks, has earned him the affection of many women, and the jealously and even hatred of plenty of men. He is a laid back guy by nature, loving to joke around. He also has a taste for tobacco, wine, and women, usually enjoying all three at once. Despite his career as basically a professional murderer, at his core Sen is a fun loving guy, though, considering his past, and how quickly he can shift from his fun loving self to the serious assassin he can be, just how much of his persona is a mask for hiding the pain is up for debate...

Having reached the rank of master by the age of 18, at 26 Sen is one of the deadliest warriors to ever grace the battlefield. His skill with blades is extremely impressive, but his skill with the sword is almost unrivaled. He was trained by an italian assassin named Silvano, who saved him after his parents were killed by Templars, almost as soon as the family got to the country. Silvano swept in and managed to save Sen from either being killed, or brainwashed into a life of serving the templars himself... Silvano made Sen into who he is now, but left once he ranked Master levels, feeling the boy could take care of himself. With his preferred sword, the specially made longsword, in hand, Sen can thrust, slash, and hook into things, easily taking on groups of opponents without ever having to resort to his side arms most of the time. His strength and endurance is immense as well, allowing Sen to wield his longsword with one hand, and could withstand attacks that would kill most men, due to his ox like strength and endurance Combined with his height and long limbs, Sen is almost untouchable in a one on one fight.

All in all, with his amazing combat skills, fleet feet, charm and silver tongue, Sen has all the skills needed to be the Master Assassin he is, in and out of battle. A traveler by nature, Sen can be found all over the world, but usually sticks close to Italy. So, if you're ever in trouble and need to make someone vanish quickly, the Cross Fox is the Assassin for you...that is, if you can pay the price~


Sheridan Liam Corrigan.
Known as:
Sen the Cross Fox.
Master Assassin.
Birth year:
Current residence:
Usually around Italy.
Le throwing knives, a spring loaded blade up his left sleeve.
Sen Le Cross Fox