Hey i just met you,
and this is crazy.
Ancient Katana is what i'm questing,
So donate maybe?

Gaia is my one true escape from reality.
So don't ruin it for me.<3
I thirst for knowledge, and your approval.
I have pretty eyes and baby soft lips.
I'm curious, so don't mind my questions.
I have a soft spot, and it's call generosity.
Girly, fragile, sweet, and gooey on the inside.
Coated with independence and high standards.
Don't be shy, i wont bite. ;)
Actually stay away, i fall in love easily.

I am the filtered, strained remains
of who i once was.
a much more concentrated version
of the girl of years past.
My ties
are gone, severed in my molding,
and now i lie alone
cooling in the hostile air.
but there is no time for rest
when time keeps dragging me
through it's soiled world.
it is unclear who i will become
but i am not afraid.

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this is my best friend blaine right here and we re the coolest dudes on the face of the earth