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Fellika Report | 01/19/2017 1:54 pm
Thank you for the purchase~~ heart
Wunderpus Report | 03/02/2015 10:11 am

      A magispy sounds like a tricky Pokemon. lol

      Thanks! It's nice to fit in my favorite clothes again. lol Good part about being a pack-rat. I could probably start a small store with all of my clothes I've gathered over the years.

      Fajitas are amazing! emotion_drool

      Aww, that's good to hear that both your midterms and cold are over (Seem to be over!)

      Hahaha, I try my best to keep priorities straight.

      You really aren't missing anything to be totally honest. It's overlly humid, the people are rude (South Louisiana, North Louisiana is a tad bit more hospitable.)
      My ex was from Canada and I went there twice before we split up. I loved it there and the scenery in some places were breathtaking! Though I don't think I could have survived the cold there. Ohio gets it's fair share of low temps,snow and so on but Canada takes the cake.
      Last week we got nearly 3 feet of snow in a few hours. rofl I'm so glad it didn't keep going but we're supposed to get more this weekend. ugh.
      Someone I talked too today said warmer weather won't start until the middle of April. It needs to hurry!
      I would love to live on the west coast, I've always loved it there. California was quite beautiful. Even though I think Ohio's summers are just way too amazing to be real.. Haha

      Awww heart
      I've gotten that so many times even from friends because we'll be out somewhere and they drop food on themselves and I always have something to clean it up and so on. Learned from my mother and grandmother who passed that wonderfully sometimes annoying trait.
      I love taking care of others though and usually do anything and everything I can to see them even smile.

      Oh man,you'll get around to it i'm sure!
      It's been a great show though Season 7 is a frustrating one so far, I'm hoping it picks up a little.
      I made it through Lost, I can make it through Supernatural.

      btw sorry for not replying for awhile (Just realized the date on the post.)
      I've been looking for a job and just really busy. Haven't had much time until today to sit down at the computer to do something that wasn't applying for a job or searching for one.

Wunderpus Report | 02/16/2015 10:57 pm

      I'll have to leave that to your imagination.
      A spy never tells. Or is that a magician?

      I can't! I've been on a diet for a month now and I've lost nearly 20lbs so far. I'm doing so good. Super proud of myself. I know if I touch just one sweet thing I'll cave and go on a rampage.

      Haha! Yeah it is pretty cool.
      Yes! I made us Fajitas for dinner and accidently added a little too much spice but she ate it like it was nothing. I think she just has a stomach made of steel or something to be honest.

      Oh goodness, still feeling sick?
      I hope you do well on your midterms!

      Yeah, kiddo woke up and I had to ditch didn't have time to say goodbye or anything. I wanted to stay but she woke up super grumpy and it would have been too much fuss for me to stay up and on the computer. emotion_8c

      I live in Ohio. Usually get a fair amount of snow, nothing to cause a blizzard or so much snow that you just cannot see for long periods of time to keep you from driving though. lol That was defintley a first for me. Today is snowed off and on think it finally stopped around 10 and it's atleast a foot or so deep. I'm originally for Louisiana so my first reaction to snow is "Oh crap not again." but I think i've adjusted well to it or well as much as I can. rofl

      It's what I didn't have in there. lol
      Granola bars, gummie bears, trail mix, water, kiddo's juices and a few other odds and ends. I like to keep it stocked all year around because we're always busy. Mostly in the summer, going to different lakes finding new places to swim and adventure in and well in the winter it's just so we have it. lol

      Thank you, me too! I don't want to do that again, ever.

      arrrg, I have been binge watching supernatural all day today.
      For some reason I had been avoiding the show but I finally caved in and watched an episode and now I can't get enough.

Wunderpus Report | 02/14/2015 11:32 pm

      It has come in handy once or twice so far. lol
      Yeah, They are my favorite but I don't drink them often sadly.
      Awww, yeah that's always the kicker. emotion_8c

      Hahaha! That's almost always what happens to me.. even now and I will happily admit it. Those containers are tricky. It comes and goes really, I'll have to really want to crave iced tea or want sugar that day.

      She already does! When we go to the mexican restaraunts the first thing she does is reach for salsa. I brought a friend along who has a 2 year old as well and she went "Oh my god, the salsa is so hot here why are you letting her eat it?!" and I couldn't stop her because she could handle it and really likes it. gonk I felt bad but on the other hand my daughter is literally immune to their salsa. (It's also really not that hot I think my friend is a big ole wimpo.)

      Aww, either way I hope you get better soon.
      Being sick is always a big bummer.

      Yeah that's a good idea though it was nice seeing you in the stream tonight! heart Mine was okay though I got stuck in a blizzard for awhile with kiddo so we played games and ate our snacks that we stock piled in the car for when that would have happened. I'm glad I was prepared. I'm not going to lie seeing all white like that was actually scary.

Wunderpus Report | 02/14/2015 10:22 pm

      Awww, I try!
      I suppose so.
      Yes SUPER sensitive. My sister calls my nose the "super sniffer" I can smell things from outside/across the house. It's insane.

      I love Sprite and Dr. Pepper. emotion_drool
      Lately though i'm on a health kick and I've been drinking so much water just can't get enough of it.
      Iced Tea is my favorite, especially the kind my Aunt used to make! Goodness that lady could make some tea. Haha!

      Oh wow! That's crazy.
      I craved salsa constantly when I was pregnant with my daughter..
      I ate an entire jar one night without chips.

      Same here! I remember the first time I had Pita bread and I just went
      "Oh my god where have you been all my life?!?!"
      Yeah it's definitely one of the top breads, for sure.

      Awww noo! No worries!
      I hope you feel better soon. Darn strep. crying
      emotion_hug heart
      Also hope you at least had a good Valentine's day!

Wunderpus Report | 02/10/2015 8:26 pm

      I always have tried too!
      Just one kiddo for now, thankfully. lol I'm sure she will!

      Yeah, I'm glad it isn't restricted or anything like that.
      They have a fancy formal dinner but with a 2 year old I think it's wise to just go find a nice spot near the buffet or get room service that night.
      Ohh, yeah you sound like me when I was 18.
      Sips but never enough to get even slightly drunk at all. It was never for me either.
      The bubblyness of it and smell puts me off from it. Sometimes I can't even be in the same room if there are open bottles.
      but the bubblyness of soda is okay, I have to drink at least one during lunch because I'll fall asleep. lol
      I'm mostly a hot chocolate, coffee, tea and water kinda person.
      Awww! emotion_hug Same goes for you~

      Oh yeah! Haha emotion_brofist
      It is sooo good.
      Though my favorite bread is probably pita bread.
      I'd love to try all breads but oh goodness I would have no self control. Hahaha

Wunderpus Report | 02/10/2015 8:46 am

      I think so too~ Haha though thankfully I've learned quite a bit being the oldest.
      Made having a daughter of my own a little bit easier since I raised my brother and sister alone for 3 years.
      Had some idea of what to expect.
      Congratulations on that!~ 4laugh
      Yeah they are, it's amazing. I've been to a lot of the school gatherings in the past years and also was a substitute teacher for a bit and
      kids are so much more accepting. It makes me a little bit less nervous when it's time to send my kiddo off to school.

      Amazingly it was pretty cheap but we also have an inside room towards the bottom of the ship so of course those rooms
      are going to be the cheapest but hey! Still get to enjoy everything~ Thankfully I'm not claustrophobic. lol
      Yes drinking really is horrible. I've had one bad experience and never touched it again.

      I love breadsticks.
      Yes! Bread straight out of the oven is amazing.
      They have this brown bread at one of the restaurants here that is just way too good.
      Pretty sure they put sketchy stuff in it to make it that tasty.

Wunderpus Report | 02/09/2015 7:31 pm

      Aww, sometimes I wish I was the youngest or middle child.
      Mainly because of how things are now for them school-wise.
      All the kids seem to be more accepting now and I would have actually fit in.

      Cost total is around 800$ for me and my daughter but that was because I booked so early in advance.
      All the food is free. The only thing you have to pay separately for is alcohol, which is fine by me. I don't drink.
      I'm so excited sometimes I can't sleep. Have to remind myself "Hey it's still far away, calm down."

      Oi me too! I can't even let myself near breadsticks anymore though.
      I'll go through a whole plate of them by myself and then growl if anyone gets close enough.
      I just love bread. It completes me.

Wunderpus Report | 02/09/2015 6:12 pm

      Nope it really isn't but compared to my siblings and being the oldest they always pick on me. lol
      I'm hoping it will be fun! I thought it was going to be a lot more expensive than it was.
      Though I'd love to go on Disney cruise but that's so outrageously expensive I'd have to save up for a long time.
      Maybe one day!
      Yeah, Florida is nice. I have family there so it's always felt like a 2nd home during the summer.
      I'm not completely sure yet, still checking around and so on. I want to try some of the food there for sure!
      Thank you!

Wunderpus Report | 02/09/2015 1:36 pm

      I'm not that close in age to my siblings. I'm 23.
      Hoping she does! There seems to be a ton for her and I to both do on a Cruise.
      We're going with my parents and siblings so it should be fun.
      I'll be sure to! Haha there will be tons of pictures i'm sure.
      Yeah me too! That's why I figured a cruise would be awesome in a way.
      Theres food nearly 24/7 you can go walk around and relax or participate in whatever they are doing that day.
      Then there are the ports that stop in different places. I know one of our ports is in Miami so that's going to be pretty cool.
      I've been to Florida hundreds of times but never down to Miami. Then off to Jamaica~ I'm so pumped.
      but it seems pretty relaxed from what I can tell.


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