Hello my name is Seki, and welcome to my profile.
If you want to know all about me than too bad, you won't find all your information here.
I will provide you with some facts though, so keep your pants on.
I live in Oregon, and I am fifteen years old. I am proud to say that I am an Otaku, and absolutely love anime to no limit. In my spare time I like to: play video games, eat, watch/read anime, pick my nose (sadly), and style the fluff on my head called hair. I also love to cosplay and go to anime conventions (kinda all I've been thinking about lately). I like: Anime & yaoi, listening to J rock/pop, noodles, sushi,takoyaki,chicken, etc. (I'll spare you from the long list of food I like), drawing, video games, internet, and things that make me laugh.
People would say that I'm insane, but I don't like judgeing myself.
I have a dog, twelve chickens (for absolutely no apparent reason), and some kittens that are currently being raised in my basement, they're all cute.
And other than that, I don't know much else to say. I'm sort of in a boring mood right now.


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I love yaoi, you see? without it, I'd cease to be!

yaoi...what a wonderful phrase

Nyaaaar! boredom hurts..... soooo view my journal to become unbored reading the descriptions of why I'M bored!...*sigh* the spinning, it never ends.



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Moooo. xDDD
Help I Am A Bug

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Help I Am A Bug

HMM it said on my alerts that it is your birthday today. So. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. If it isn't your birthday, oh well. Happy day, anyway. razz This is Lisa, by the by. Haven't seen you in foreverrrr. Did you go to Sakura-con last year? Emmza and I didn't see you... :C Well, anyway, keep in touch! I miss you. >n<

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Sadly, college keeps me here. I has no money. XD

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Random middle-of-the-night thoughts somehow caught me thinking of you? Pff~ I randomly remembered your last name and tried to look you up on facebook, simply for the lulz. Alas~ No luck~
Red Dye Number Three

Report | 10/03/2008 7:02 pm

Red Dye Number Three

In five or so minutes, you'll have the first of three doujinshi "playlists" that I've put together for you. Rest assured, they're the... doujinshi-iest I could round up. The entire group that I had put together was too large to be put into one email, much less one RapidShare file, so I did it in three parts. They take a while to upload, so I'll give you this one for now.

It's sadly all D.Gray-Man, but that's because it's the series that I have the most doujinshis for. And my filing system has things alphabetized, so D just came first.

Anyway, I'll send you the download URL in a PM. If you have issues with unzipping everything, just call for help.

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Love the video!

Oh, and it's Momochi-chan!
Red Dye Number Three

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Red Dye Number Three



How's your weekend going? Yaoi-filled, I hope?
Etchi Sketchi

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Etchi Sketchi

your video is very....odd...but so is mine...ARE YOU EXCITED FOR KCON?!?! and did you hear about the new con thats gonna be in washington in november??

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I was gonna put this on my page... f*****t

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I believe it was Vegas 7.0 or something like that.



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