Well i dont really know what to say. Im a open, generous kinda guy. Im so to say a people pleaser, but if it downgrates me or my freinds i will most likely disagree. Im a huge fan of magic and vampires. Im 5'7'' with blonde, brown hair.. lol and sadly i am on facebook..

People ive donated to~

ana_ana01 ~ sunflowers
sheba_baby1 ~ 2330G
GullibleXan ~ Bugs
royal n00b ~ crumpled paper and bags
0Princess_Sakura00 ~ 1330G
Maddy Kearl ~ 30 bachelors credit

People who've donated to me.

Maddy Kearl ~ Tons of thanks biggrin


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Hey if anyone is going to try and get involved with me or pm me or anything, i wont be able to reply untill the 14th,, i will be in the mountains till sunday and then im heading to yellowstone till th 14th so dont feel bad if you email and no replys come!!!! ttyl or when i get back... razz


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Cheese Brea

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Cheese Brea


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Thanks for the donation. o___O Nice profile, you should add a new entry to your journal BTW. Your latest one is from a long time ago. xP

Report | 10/18/2005 2:48 pm


Punkwad. >nuf said<


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