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Hi im Jon

What I like: BioShock, Halo one, two, and three, Kingdom Hearts (all of them), Kung-fu (mainly Northern Shaolin), animals, nature, and lots of violent things..

Favortie books: Peeps, The last Days , Cirque Du Freak (all), Naruto, This ugly yet beautiful world, Beating Heart a ghost story, The Demonata (all), alot more...

What I dont like: People who nag every day, Haters, wiggers, "GANGSTERS", people who try so hard to be cool that its not even funny, people who follow the person thats trying to be cool, people who follow the people that are following the people that are trying to be cool (and so on), People who drink, do drugs etc. Those stupid idiotic bastards who think that they can pick on the nice kids just to be cool and get "Street cred." You know what...Im just gonna say all highschool/middle school kids that act up to be cool...meanwhile they're just hurting themsleves by failing and probably getting left back eight times....but hey, its not my life....So those people can just ******** off!

What scares me: Big...ugly...spiders (The little ones im ok with.), Gravemind (From halo), the flood (from halo), splicers (from BioShock), zombies, and well scary things...(although im in to creepy movies...)

My dream avatar:

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Total Value: 81,670 Gold
After Exclusions: 45,239 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Dark Star
Yokai's Treasure
Fox Ears
Frostbite Blade
Martial Arts Bracers
Short White Socks
Martial Arts Pants
Ronin Yukata


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IDK Basicallt things :|


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Katie_Of_The_Turks Report | 09/07/2011 1:19 pm
OMG. Do you still go on here? biggrin
SaharaGrace2 Report | 01/18/2011 8:31 am
Dude, you need a facebook.
lamiriana Report | 12/28/2010 3:17 pm
if you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!
SaharaGrace2 Report | 11/22/2010 6:16 pm
Awesome! Did you beat it?
I'm on Disc 3 in Final Fantasy XIII.
In Birth by Sleep, I beat Aqua's story. I'm working on Terra's right now.
SaharaGrace2 Report | 04/09/2010 7:47 pm
HEY, doin' just dandy.

Tryin' to get more gold. Gonna take a damn of forever, though.
Did you get Final Fantasy XIII?

SaharaGrace2 Report | 04/04/2010 2:09 pm
Waessoloth Report | 02/11/2010 1:48 pm
Nyeh, that's alright.
I got hacked so I only go on just for the daily chance and then I kinda just logout and do whatever.

Now I have like...3k.

Waessoloth Report | 02/03/2010 3:16 pm
Do you even go on anymore?

Waessoloth Report | 08/23/2009 9:51 am
It's Sarah, this is my new account.

Kyouhaku Report | 07/12/2009 1:04 pm
Hey you, I'm gonna be using this account for a while.



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I drew that! =D


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