Risky Game - 96Neko



Q: Why is your profile only a media box?
A: Well you see, Gaia loves having this dumb glitch that
will double the content boxes you have. That's what
happened here and so, I said fluff it and made it nothing
but a media box.

Q: Why is the song on your profile the one it is?
A: My favourite Utaitte is 96Neko.

Q: Why did you put an effort into the profile?
A: Despite gaia wanting to troll me, I wanted to fight it
back by putting a really pretty profile :3.

Q: Will you ever change it?
A: I will not change it from what it is now, however that
means putting in new content boxes and such. I've
already updated this once from it's previous state.
Not much of a difference just a clear bar at top and of
course this text. XD.

Q: Why did you do this QAA?
A: That's because I've been asked some of these questions
before and figured, they'd be the BEST way to answer your