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I haven't had the chance to come on as often but I wanted to stop by and say hello emotion_bigheart

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it was actually pretty bad....i'm over it though
but we were suppose to go to a club that plays alot of house music/rave style cause I really just wanted to get drunk and dance lol
but we get to into boston late and my friend who was the second birthday girl wanted to check out Honk Kong first which is basically a bar
basically we didn't get in and end up going to some run down chinese restaurant (as in the lights were flickering in the bathroom)
by this point I was just truly upset
to top it all off when we finally get into the car my friend who was getting in while holding the cake.....dropped the cake
that was my bday.


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awwww of course i like it xDD
can't wait to play around with it c:

thank youuuuu heart
it made my day

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awwwww thank you i loved the poem so much heart heart heart heart
thank youuu for the gift too
i really appreciate all the love crying

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hahaha yea i love being april bby cause it's also spring time c:

not sure yet....I was going to go to a house club in boston but i'm no longer in the mood to celebrate

its okay but tell me when you do xD
i'm also watching another drama started May Queen

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thank you love i got 8m whee whee

omgoshhh so my birthday is coming up xd xd
i'm an april baby

ooohhh did you ever start the drama?

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I wouldn't recommend paying for one unless you are looking more towards building a career ya know?
do you want to send me what you have maybe i can help with some feedback

also does your school have any assistance with job hunting?
have you checked craigslist? are you just looking for secretary work or anything?

did you like the concert, i haven't heard of them, what genre? and no i didn't do much but stay home and work on an application and some essays since i want to go back to school lol the joy of my life

OMGosh gaia is pissing me off with all these new items idk if I should invest in the cash shopppp, whatdoyouthink?
I want to give the new bundle make it rain a shot but i also like polar ice sea and sheepy march gonk
they suck

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have you tried looking for a template online? for resumes there's a ton so you could probably start off from there
yeah some jobs to require experience but when you search on the sites you are looking at try seeing if they have an option like entry level or no experience

i'm good just hanging in there don't have as much free time which sucks
are you doing anything fun this weekend


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