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|Helloooo(: Im Gabby♥||

.sweet and simple,
ill kill u with my sweeetness smile
andd i ish tennis/bball player for my hs.
TAKEN:2.17.11 <3, Daniel Robert Mendiola<3


amandas hack

Heyyy There Gabbito! Lol Pochi! Its Pablo, Hacking Your Account ;P Well, What Can I Say About My Best Buddeh? Uhm, I've Known Gabby Since I Was In 6th Grade At Hillview Middle School, And We Were Really Good Friends Throughout It All, Although We Had Many Continuous Fights During Our Time There, We Always Made It Through Our Tiny Arguments, Knowing If We Didn't, We Would End A Really Good Friendship v.v But Thankfully, Even Though We Don't See Each Other Much Anymore Cuz Gab Moved Away, We Still Keep In Touch As Much As Possible (Cellulars! x3) Anytime, We're Off School, We Always Try To Hang Out In The Time We Have To Spend. When She Comes Down To Whittier, Its A Must That We Have To Go To The Mall ;P So Many Fun Memories There Actually xD Including Monster Penny!, Filthy Gummy Bears At Golden Spoon....Gabby Thats You <.<, Shooting Pop Guns Around World Market And Have The Employees Get Mad At Us, Trying To Get All Of Us To Take A Picture In The Tiny Mirror With Jocelyn And Mackenzie, And Of Course, Hanging Out With Joc And Kenz In Sears (THE MATRESSES!!) XD I Couldnt Throw My Phone To The Other Side And It Landed On The Floor T^T Calling Me On Restricted While We're Just Sitting There And Watching Me Saying Hello?! When Its Just Gabby On The Other Line O.O I Guess Thats All I Have To Say For Now, And Im Sure There Will Be More Memories To Come :3
~PABLO! (Amanda Dawn ^w^)
By The Way, Me And Gabby Totally Have Supapowas. Haaaa!
Be Very Jealous >;D