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hi,im sea-gee400 and this is my poem book

native love song

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shingshing72 Report | 12/20/2009 1:59 pm
 Sorry but once read, must be sent.

Yes, this is one of those kinda
chain letters that everyone hates.

This one has been going since 1864
and if you break this chain, you will pay!!!!!! Remember that
after hearing these stories.

First Example:

Take Barbra Wallace .. She was a pretty lucky girl, up till she got
this same chain letter.

She had a crush on the same kid since

when she got this mail she didn't pay any attention to
it. She just thought, no big deal. And deleted it.

The next day her
dad got fired and her mom dies in a car crash.

If she would have sent
the letter none of that would have happened and her mom would be

Second Example:

Try Freddie D. Now Freddie D. was your average nerd.

Had glasses, was
short and chubby, was in gifted.

All the signs of
your total dork.

He also received this letter and sent it to 51
people in the hour.

Now, like Barbra , he had a crush on a girl since
3rd grade.

The next day after sending the chain the girl confessed her
love for him ever since 3rd grade. Freddie D.

finally had the courage
to ask
her out, and of course, she had been waiting to yes to that for years.

They grew up and
married each other to live happily forever.

Third Example:

Now if you couldn't relate to the others, this'll get ya hooked.

Listen to this.

A kid named Jordan Johnson was just getting on AOL to
check his mail.

He was a quiet kid, not that popular but not a geek
either. he was just normal. He saw he had mail from his friend.

It was
this exact letter.

Now Jordan Johnsen was a smart kid and he knew what
could happen if he didnt pass it on.

He simply pulled a few friends
from his buddy list and sent it along.

The next day, about that same
time, he got a phone call.

It said he had won the lottery!
then his dad came home and bought him a new bike! His mom bought him
Nintendo64 and play station! His grandmother sent him a new computer,
and his best friend
gave him tickets to the concert he wanted to go to, Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit!
Then he inherited a brand-new tv from his aunt! He was goin' wild! the
next day his secret crush asked him out, and they have been going out
ever since.

Now, you heard the stories.

I know which person i'd rather
be, but thats up to you.

I wouldn't wanna end up like Barbra but thats
only me.

We all want what we cant have but now's ur chance to go out
withthat special somebody ur waiting for. Take it or leave it.

If you
send this to-

1 person- you will lose all luck in ur love life..... forever!!!!!

10 people- your crush will say they like you as a friend...... ONLY!!!!!

15 people- your crush will say they like you

20 people- your crush will ask you out!

25 people- your crush will kiss you!!

30 people - Your crush will fall in love with you

35 people or more- All of the above!!

Don't blow it, it's ur
chance to shine! Have everything u wanted, and more! Now, complaining
cus u dont have any
friends. Well theres an answer 4 everything.

It's simple, just go in a
chat room, pick some names and send away! but here's the catch.....
you only have 1 hour

MiniChin Report | 10/23/2009 9:29 am
haha yeah she is a nice girl^^ im may tkx for adding me
cherryblossom159 Report | 08/13/2009 10:54 am
hey was up how u been ?
-_-Infinitys_Death-_- Report | 08/07/2009 2:14 pm
I'm still on your pro!
Been a long time!
cherryblossom159 Report | 07/15/2009 10:10 am
hey was u been up 2?
cherryblossom159 Report | 06/01/2009 6:19 pm
hey was up wht u been up to lately??bye the way i love ur background on u profile its awsome ><
xRebelliousDreamerx Report | 05/26/2009 4:58 am
OMG HIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! You probably don't know who i am but this is FC!!!!!! (FreakinCool) LONG TIME NO SEE DX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz don't quit crying
Cold Hearted Soul0226 Report | 04/24/2009 6:16 pm
Cold Hearted Soul0226
heyyyy...i havent tlked 2 u in 4ever=D
Koneko Lala Report | 04/22/2009 12:11 pm
Koneko Lala
*Runs around you poking you*
Oh yeah!! I have poking skillage!!! 83
Koneko Lala Report | 04/22/2009 12:06 pm
Koneko Lala
*pokes you*
Hows it going? ^_____________^

crow hop

sea-gee's fave song's

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john waynes teeth lol

this song is for the one i love


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