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About sierra <33

My name is sierra (:
SexySmile BieberStyle♥ married ♥
Almost 15(:
Uhmmm i recently auditioned for a top talent agency in LA and was accepted to be one of the 25 out of 300 to recieve acting and modeling classes and auditon for Disney, nick and Abc as well as model for abercrombie and hollister.

Ashli i love you♥ We just met but we are like so close. true hoes;D
Back to me.. I concider myself; on some days; to be a walking rainbow, others, a walking rain cloud.
I admit i do flirt ALOT. , but that doesn't mean i like you
If I say I'm gone forever, don't listen, I always come back.
I'm super gullible but not stupid.
I'm a push-over for friends, but I don't take crap from people.

I'm super protective of my friends.
ima ballerina and proud <3

I'm ALWAYS there to be a shoulder to cry on.
If you bothered reading this and haven't sent me a friend request.. That's sad.
So send it.!(: I love you.
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Thanks for reading (: bye!! <3

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