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Frozen in time.

yum_strawberry gaia_angelleft Luis,
I just want to tell you that I love you, and you're honestly the best friend I could ever ask for.
We've been there for each other through so much, and hopefully more.
I know we've both made mistakes, hurt each other, but even so, I wouldn't trade you for anything.
Thank you for always being here when I need you, and I'll be there for you too.
You know so much about me that no one else knows, and that I've never told anyone else.
You just get me. And for that, I'll forever be thankful to have you in my life. Here's to forever. :3
-Julie emotion_bigheart gaia_angelright

I'll never forget.

emotion_bigheart I'm glad you never forgot...
Because even now, I love you.
I've always loved you, and we've been friends for almost a decade!
Holy moly.
I'm so very thankful to have you in my life, and that no matter what we go through,
we come out stronger on top of it all.
I love you, Luis. emotion_bigheart

After talking tonight, I feel like I finally know what to put here..
Luis, you are the BEST thing that has happened to me.
The pains of the past forgotten, our future looks bright. (Cheesy right? lol)
I know I tell you often, but words cannot explain how much I love you.
Every single day, I look forward to hearing from you.
Every day, we grow together..
Thank you for everything you have done for me..
Thank you for never leaving me.
Thank you for always being here, and being you.
I love you, Luis. Always.
I'm so happy that through everything, we are still here for each other.
Thank you for explaining to me tonight, why you are how you are.
I promise to try to remember that, if we fight.
I love you, husband <3

The one and only

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Luxeji Report | 08/10/2021 12:29 pm
Luissssss, I know you never log on, but hiiiiii lol heart
Evceleb Report | 01/03/2021 8:55 pm
ty for buying!
Luxeji Report | 02/14/2019 3:41 pm
Who knows if you'll ever check Gaia again...
But as I have no other choice, I'm wishing you a very happy birthday.
I hope your year is great.
Love you...
Luxeji Report | 02/03/2018 7:38 pm
I know you wanna meet in towns, but meet me in zOMG!...Please <3
Peelunger - Village Greens. <3
Luxeji Report | 02/02/2018 5:08 pm
Never mind. ^^; You logged off.
Luxeji Report | 02/02/2018 4:49 pm
Meet me in towns?
Luxeji Report | 02/01/2018 5:49 pm
Brain Clam server. c:
Luxeji Report | 02/01/2018 5:42 pm
Wanna play zOMG!?
Luxeji Report | 02/01/2018 12:24 pm
12345? c:
Luxeji Report | 02/01/2018 12:22 pm
Annoying. o;
Where would you like to meet?

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