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Birthday: 03/20


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I'm not straight-laced or straight-edge. I'm not a perfect match for any stereotype you may hold on me. I'm pierced. I laugh at things that aren't funny. I expect to change. Life often forces this upon me. I am who I am because of where I've been and who I've known, what I've heard and what I've read. So many people have helped shape who I am, and I'm grateful for it, regardless of whether they caused me pain or happiness, I wouldn't be me without them. I am unique, but not that different.You probably will not understand my logic. I actually live my life more than I try and survive it. I spill s**t, trip and embarrass myself often - I make myself sound stupid, and make every silence as awkward as possible. I've ******** up, been ******** up, and ******** people up. But every hit was worth it because I felt it. I knew it was real. Life is real and I'm living it wrong everyday. I'm ******** up everything that comes my way, and I do everything in reverse. But will I regret one single thing? Never. Because at one point, what I did was what I wanted and I got my satisfaction from it. My life is mine and no immature, mannerless kid can ******** up for me anymore. I'm the real deal and I'd love to see you try and break me. Your words don't affect me, don't waste your time.

"Boys are cheats and liars, they're such a big disgrace, they will tell you anything to get to second base...ball, baseball, he thinks he's gonna score, but if you let him go all the way, then you are a whoricalgist studies flowers, geolisgist studies rocks, the only thing a guys wants from you is a place to put his c**k...roaches beatles, buttiflies and bugs - nothing makes him happier than a giant pair of jugilers and acrobats, dancing bears and chuck, all guys want to do is forget it no such luck."

I'm not as bad as you think. I know I'm not original, I don't believe in that word. I'm not cocky, I'm blunt and mannerless, delete me if you don't like it, I do not care.

Insight number one:
I could be dead. I am staring up at Rubber Bat, and I could be dead. My toes are throbbing, but I could be dead. My parents are watching TV... I could be dead. Instead I am Undead. Does one cancel out the other, or am I double Undead? Nobody said insights have to be logical. I am alive, but I am Undead.

Insight number two:
when you are dying, your life does not flash before your eyes. At least mine didn't. That means that I have to pay attention to everything that happens to me from now on, because I only get to see it once. Several interesting things have happened to me lately. I will try to remember them.

Insight number three:
when you die and then come back, the people who are there when you wake up are the people that love you. And that is why I am miserable. Because they are the people I love the most.


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MeisaBMTH Report | 12/01/2010 8:06 pm
I love your profile background.
Marina_Baby Report | 10/28/2010 7:45 pm
iikutiie Report | 08/24/2010 9:08 pm
master of darkness1337 Report | 07/06/2010 11:31 am
master of darkness1337
yeah, but how long can you remember it this time? =w=
Eri-Panda_Chan Report | 06/24/2010 3:37 pm
Copy and paste this to ten profiles you will get 10,000,000,000.
Eri-Panda_Chan Report | 06/16/2010 9:18 pm
Copy and paste this to ten profiles you will get 10,000,000,000. it really works, im rich

Toxic Sniff Report | 04/27/2010 3:05 pm
Toxic Sniff
we should go biggrin
Toxic Sniff Report | 03/20/2010 3:08 pm
Toxic Sniff
asfrtgrytesw Report | 03/19/2010 8:47 pm
hey! happy birthday!!! biggrin
MySoulisNintendo Report | 03/19/2010 9:54 am
We share the same birthday!!
Happy Birthday!!