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About me

Hello all!

My name is Scott, here's some facts about me 'cause why not:

I am 19 years old and was born 1996
I am 6ft and weigh 118lbs
I am from the UK smile London.
You can't see in the photo on my profile because of my long hair but I have ear gauges, size 14mm in each ear and I also have a septum piercing. ^^ hoping to get more piercings because they make me feel nice

I first joined Gaia in 2009, left in 2012 and now I came back, I'm constantly on and off this website so if I ever say "I quit" there's like a 70-80% chance I'll come back within a couple months ^-^ I'm a extremely friendly person so feel free to talk to me smile Also I can help anyone out if they need any advice whether it's something small like hair, piercings or just general advice (My friends in real life usually tend to make me their therapist which I'm cool with so feel free to vent to me). I'm wiser than I look wink I promise.


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