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This is a project me and a couple of friends are working on. If you're interested check it out and looking forward to hearing your suggestions and feedback <3
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Art for me

Yea this is where I'll post everything that's drawn for me on Gaia &lt;3 am too sleepy atm to do so , but I will do it tomorrow. Till then what I'll be aiming for in the future when I get my freebie thread finished xD


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Ix-Kiwi-xI Report | 01/26/2017 10:41 pm
lol and yet another....xDDD

lol happy bdaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!! yum_donut yum_cupcake yum_donut yum_cupcake emotion_bigheart
Ix-Kiwi-xI Report | 01/27/2016 12:28 am
happy bdaaaayyyyy!!! yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake
Ix-Kiwi-xI Report | 01/26/2015 10:58 am
Happy happy bdaaay!!!! yum_cupcake yum_strawberry yum_donut yum_strawberry

I hope you're having the best time ever! …lov yaaaa! heart
Ix-Kiwi-xI Report | 08/23/2014 5:22 pm
oooh wow! i loved the banner and the home page is amazingggggggggggg!!! O.O!! heart heart heart

the bases are gorgeoussss! wowwww...they certainly look a lot better than any other site ive seen, congratssss! <3333
have you made all the drawings yourself? o.o? .....who are you developing this site with....loved the pose too btw, does have a realistic look to it xD....and awwww a back view would be amazing lol
u def should do it! haha....i know its probably a LOT of work, but i do think itll be worth it

omgg one more! haha...thats great! and yeah does sound a lot easier to do/follow up....sooo when do you decide if you are actually moving to Germany...
i think its a great opportunity for you and ur bf <3 take it! xPPPP

lol i was in europe, im back home were back to the 7hr time difference now lol

haha i forgot what else....and yes, adding u there asap!!!! <333
Ix-Kiwi-xI Report | 08/11/2014 10:38 pm
omgggg….yeah ur reply was soooo long! xD i loved it thou hahaha
you sound so upbeat and happy, I'm really glad to hear everything is going your way <333….big big changed for you in this past year!
and woooow! you're so damn busy!….i didn't even know you had an avi site, whats its name? (so curious to see it lol) and when are you planning to launch it?
ok wait…so its still under development? o.o?
and damnn so many job offers lol, ok first one sounds great! second one sounds boring and third one haha, sounds really fun! xD
where are you living right now?….i keep forgetting that part >.<

and hahaha ofc I've known who you are all this time xD…you are shpeshiiiiallll!!!!
and awwww that is so sweet! <3 ty ty…the art you made for me is among my favorites of all time <3333
and haha…..i have a tablet and don't use it D: …now don't kill me! >>
its sooo old now thou…oh well

ok ok we have to continue this on Skype soooooon! I'm logging a bit here and there while on vacation, so I'm sure ill catch u on, we prob have the same time right now xDDD

Ix-Kiwi-xI Report | 08/05/2014 12:25 am
lol and again a late reply xPPP….we are so bad at this lol, i guess we're getting better…hmmm…at getting bad? o.o? (yeah I'm sure i completely confused u by now xDDDDDD)
anywaaaayyyyy….hope everything in ur life gets easier jeezzzz….u deserve a break lol <3
and awwww sucks to hear about your tablet D: ….im sure ur super awesome at pixel art by now….talent is talent, and YOU got it!
let me know as soon as u get it, id looooove for u to draw me something again o.o….lol
its amazing that we've known each other for this long already! ….and yeah ud never be forgotten <3333

yessss i have Skype, ill pm it to u in a sec xPPPP

as alwayssssss…..great hearing from u….now update me lol

Ix-Kiwi-xI Report | 05/31/2014 12:52 am
heeeey!!! and lol of course i remember you! <3
even thru all our name changes haha...its good to hear ur doing good, and omg yeah i can imagine, life does get hectic/crazy! D:
sooo are u still logging regularly on here?
ive been good, busy as hell also lol....logging less xD
and hmmm those chibis were done by a friend, miku (forgot her whole username, but i could look it up if ud like) but she quit a while ago...>.<
damnn i should finish my pro sometime haha.....maybe add something "fresher" xPPP

gawddddd its good to hear from you!!!!!! heart
Cutekitty40 Report | 05/30/2014 5:29 pm
Thank you for purchasing~ emotion_bigheart
Ix-Kiwi-xI Report | 04/12/2012 10:35 pm
Sooooo good to hear from you!!!! heart and damnnnn took me a while to figure out who you were toooo haha....nice new namee <3

omg yesss i think you did tell me about moving out...and awww are you sure you want to be back? how about getting a roomie? ugh I'm sure you've considered all the options.....and yah might be different this time, since he is now a bit more responsible?'ve been missed!!!! <3 but yeah you do have to log here more often GLAAD you're not dead or anything xPPPP

and spaaaaaam my comments any and every time you log <3333 i love hearing form you! ^^
i've been great!....busy as hell lol which is always good...might start working sooon, I've been evading it for so long haha, I can't put it off any more I guess, or once I really want to get a job, I won't be able to find one right? D: ..ugh
I Yume I Report | 04/12/2012 3:32 pm
I Yume I
Oh good! Witch came back!? That's great~ Can you let one of them know to unban my account and IP for me? I had never done anything that should have gotten me banned, other than expressed my opinion to Fork about how he left everyone out of the loop. Also, I think we could get our CG artist Pinwheel back with my return, if you want to let them know that as well. She said she would be happy to work for you guys again.

I'm sorry Chich was an a** to you, but it sounds like you guys worked that out. I would honestly be happy to work there again in knowing that I don't have to deal with someone like Fork, if they would have me. Is Seb in charge again? He never told me this happened! I'll have to text him and see what's going on.

I don't believe you had told me that, but that's good that you finally got out of that mess with the roommate then. I know how you feel about drama, it tends to follow me wherever I go as well. It's just inescapeable for some of us, I guess. Are you trying to find another job to help keep your money stable?


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