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Sgt Sandman Report | 07/17/2012 1:03 pm
Sgt Sandman
Can You plz buy me this it important
Unconventional Warrior
Sgt Sandman Report | 07/11/2012 2:32 pm
Sgt Sandman

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Sgt Sandman Report | 07/05/2012 9:40 pm
Sgt Sandman
can you lend me 100k
Viktor Richtofen Report | 07/05/2012 1:53 pm
Viktor Richtofen
GL_drake rayner Report | 07/03/2012 4:28 pm
GL_drake rayner
"why not? i don't have a reason not to"
Celes Brooks Report | 07/03/2012 3:42 pm
Celes Brooks
SOrry been busy now
GL_drake rayner Report | 07/03/2012 3:21 pm
GL_drake rayner
"you could? well what can i do for you mate?"
Phantoms-Heart Report | 07/03/2012 3:17 pm
Midnighter growled, the man was insentient and just could not take a hint. "Alright, since you seem to take no for an answer I'm going to explain this to you ONCE. I'm not interested in what your selling, I became what I am because I fell for a similar line. I don't want to become a king, I never did, I became what I am because I wanted to make a difference. I have been, and I'm happy with what I have. I lost enough of myself when I got these powers, and I'm not interested in losing what little I have now to you and whatever it is your trying to pull me over for. I'm not interested, I'm not buying, and I am doing you a kindness by letting you walk away from this right now."

With that the Midnighter stalked off. It had been fifteen years since Henery Bendix turned him into what he was today, 15 years since he gave up his name, Identity, and memorys of who he was to become a weapon to blindly follow orders. He had walked from the nightmare this man was offering him now, like hell he was falling into it again.
Phantoms-Heart Report | 07/03/2012 3:08 pm
((No, not LexCorp, and sadly, the character is Uninterested, sorry. What scares me now is that Captcha wants me to type in 'Gotham City' DX))
Phantoms-Heart Report | 07/03/2012 3:01 pm
((I'm certain you could, sadly I'm part of a bigger organization and its not something I can be bought out of, sorry))


For All Of You RPers:
In the Year 1890 A War Broke Out On Planet Venus Finalizing The Extinction Of Life On Venus, One Family's Last Wish Was The Survival Of Their Child Solan. At The Last Minute The Family Put Their Son In Their Own Version Of A Spaceship A Pod Of Some Type And Sent Him To The Nearest Safest Location Which Was Earth. Solan Sound Asleep Just An Infant In His Pod Left Venus's Atmosphere And His Skin Started To Change From A Glowing Yellow To A Pitch Black, As Solan Edged Closer To Earth's Atmosphere His Hair Color Changed And Various Organs In His Body Reacted With The New Changes That Came. Solan Landed In The Mountains Of Verona Italy. Prior To That Night Many Exclaimed That There Was A Meteor Sighitng, Or UFO Sighting. An Italian Hair Stylist Was Miles Away From The Crash And Drove Near. He Walked And Jumped Back Startled That The Pod Auto-Opened up, He Took What He Saw As An Alien Creature Into His Home Before Any Government Facility Located The Crash Site. Solan Was Kept A Secret Away From The Rest Of The Italian Man's Family And Stayed In The Basement. Brushing Solan's Hair A Week After His Arrival He Decided To Name The Infant, ScoolioVonHoolio

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