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Tristas Story<3

Story of rawr!!!!!!!
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one day a boy named ryan was runing to school when he sliped and fell in a puddle. when ryan got to school he went to the bathroom and tryed to dry off. ryan was the most popular kid in the whole school, after ryan got out of the bathroom he went to the office for new cloths since he coulnt dry off. the only thing the office had was a dinosuar suit. so ryan put on the suit. when he left the office he heard some people giggle. then he heard a menally retarded kid scream. he tryed to make a joke out of it by rawring. at lunch he was dared to scream rawr.he didnt want 2 b called a chicken so he did.

amazingly he didnt get in trouble. a famous picture person was in the lunch room and offered a contract to a magizine cover (the dino weekly). he signed it and was imidatly taken to a phototshoot place.

he was told to make a cute face.they took the picture and they imediatly sent it to the head person.she didnt like it. ryan was fired and was sent back to schol again.he never even told his parents.the next day the people that took the picture therw away the card that was in the camera. then a hobo picked it up and threw it in a persons car.when the person got home they put it in their computer.they put the picture on the internet. then a kid named kayla put it on her gaia profile. then a girl named trista wrote a story about ryan.the she put it on kaylas profile.

NOW UR READING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mrgreen
Tristas story! ^^

neither can trista >> xP lol


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DO IT! o.o

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STORY TIME! better get u milk and cookies!<3

Hey Im Kayla(:
Im pretty amazing once you get to know me.
I am Single (:
My friends mean the world to me and im not gunna be one of those people who say "break them ill break yu face" or some s**t like that. Its plain pure and simple if yur a dude im gunna chop yu damn d**k off(:
I Believe im Pretty And i dont care if you dont agree biggrin
even tho nobody but amandas gunna read what i write about her i feel its needed :] ok,,
My best friend is amanda<3 and she always will be! we plan to get married when were older and live in a house with all our friends and party everynight. We always have so much fun when were together. We never leave a moment not lived to the best. Even tho amanda moved away i miss her dearly everyday and am counting down the day till she moves back in the summer. If yu ever get the chance to meet amanda,, yu'll never be the same. :]
This girl changed my life,, and even through all the fights and boys we went through i still love her and nobody will ever be able to replace what i have with her. i could write for days on all the moment we shared in our lifetime of friendship. You may "think" yu have the BEST friend in the world but yur bullshitin yurself cause i already got her(: hehe Oh and did i mention shes BEAUTIFUL?
im Fifteen.
im a Sophomore.
i live in the USA.

well if i think of more later..nvm...LETS FACE IT im not coming back and writing more. if yu really must know more, TALK TO ME. xD

Yeah, im 18 now and out of high school.


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Hey queer ;D
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Hey, you don't know me but I just wanted to say you have a really nice avatar. I hope you find Amanda someday. smile Anyway, um, that's it! razz
iRaWrZi Report | 08/12/2011 11:00 pm
hey poopyface <3
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I just Got on for a bit xD
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lmfao im on biggrin DD
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Imma comment you everytime I get on too XD
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GAIA GEEKS biggrin DDDdd
iKaela Report | 08/08/2010 12:40 am
You live in Northern Georgia?
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crime stopper21546
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iRaWrZi Report | 07/14/2010 9:42 am
Hahahaha WE SHOULD Like old times
Eyy eyy ;D