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I was named as Jennifer, but most people just call me Jennay(; Im fifteen years old, big woopdy doo. I love volleyball<3. I drink a fuitopia after every game/practice. Im going to be a sophmore, thank god that leaves me with 3 years left at RHS. My music world revolves around indie, acoustic, and country(; I want to learn how to play acoustic guitar<3 I get really bad stomach aches after i eat, and it sucks. I've had asthma sence i was 4. I hate U of M with a pasion! its all about wayne state<3 and that's where i will attend to become a nurse in oncology(: Catearia, Chelsea, my sister, my grandma and Matt are the only people i can tell anything! I like to bake cookies and watch episodes of 48 hours with my grandma(: I start drivers training after volleyball season!(: Im playing the question game with my friend right now, lol. I want to travel around the world, because its fun(: Ive been to germany twice and its pretty amazing<3 Nick just asked if i was random, lmao. Well i dont really no what else to say besides, get to know me(;

Fact:photography will own my soul<3

All i need is,
Matt- my amazing love! (; [8.7.09<3]
Catearia-My bestfriend(:
Chelsea-My other bestfriend(:
Jeremiah-My Nigguuuhhh ;D A.K.A Father x]
Brandon-The cute mexican Best Buddy (;

Mathew Thomas: You're everything i ever wanted! Your the most amazing that i've ever met in my life i swearrrr. You have the most calming cutest voice on this earth(: And i love when you call me baby, it makes me smile!(: Your seriously my everything, and i never ever want to lose you. You're so cute, i just want to steal you and take you home wiff me(: I've never loved someone so much before, it's so amazing that we can tell each other everything, from the cutest to the nastiest and from the the most secretest to the most randomest(: And oh gosh, i love how excited you get when you see a frog, it makes my day(; I can wait to have a thumb war with you, because then im going to win and get a kiss<3 One day, im going to marry your cute little self(: And then yeah, will be happy forever! (:
8.7.09, i love you so much Matt(:
Matt wrote this part (:
Jenny I love you more than Ive ever loved anyone and I never wanna leave you baby. Your the best girlfriend in the whole world and i hope im at least half a good as boyfriend to you.
8.7.09 <333 I love you so Much Jennnifer Michelle



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hahah thats nice (:

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nm what about u?

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Nummy Nummy

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Texting & wanting pop. :]
How about you?

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Hay hun :]

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hey O:
zombified pokemon

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zombified pokemon

where do
yew livee ?

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ntm just goot home!
im soo tired D:

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hayy dearyy<33
zombified pokemon

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zombified pokemon

nm, it's
just really colddd .
yew ?