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Many would say they love his band, his music, and how he's such an inspiration and perhaps I won't be the only one saying this but I love who he is. I do not know much of his life other than what is found on the internet even then very little I know but from what I have gathered he is so far the only person in the music industry who has such a mind and words that make me melt. YES he is amazingly attractive but when he writes something to the public it's as though reading pure poetry. I truly wish I meet someone like him someday who is sweet, amazing, and gosh I can't even find the right words. I normally don't fawn over band people or celebrities but for Chris I will make an exception. I never would have listen to his music if it wasn't for this year at warped tour. I know I'm a little late on being a true fan music isn't something that has been so close to me neither art nor reading I know I love art and reading and music it's just because of my hectic life it hasn't been so expanded. When coming to understand him from his simple interest to his inner deep thoughts written on his tumblr facebook twitter i felt as though I could have written any of what he said. I know he's a good person. To finish I just want to say he has a beautiful soul, and if by some random chance Chris you ever read this know you are amazing not just of what you do but of who you are as a person.

- a fan

PS: didn't mention the band oops >..<! ( MOTIONLESS IN WHITE )