Tha Name: Bonnie (I prefer:Mizz.Cappz, DFM, Bonii.)emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif
Tha Age:13
My emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif is
taken by a boy(Abraham) lol,
git's lotsa emotion_smilies/icon_hug.png's, and im usually pretty happy:emotion_smilies/icon_C8.png

Anyway: I sing, run, sleep, write poetry, and get on gaia and fb.And sit around in a little town in Summerville in shitty a** SC.That and go to chill at Northwoods wit my boo.Playing on my DSi, and taking picture's of my face

I don't like: to put up with people's bullshit, nor do i take to kindly to LIARS, or people who bring drama about, If you have problem's i will listen, but if you come back with the same s**t over and over i will simply, quit giving a damn because, you have not done a thing about it.I don't like people who drag their problems out, if you have a solution, THEN GIT IT DONE WITH.

I'm a firm believer in Karma.
I'm a polytheist, and im Pansexual,I'm not sexually confused if that's what your going to accuse me of being, since im "young".
My favorite colours: Dark Purple, White, Blood Red, Black
Yes, i do have to be that descriptive.

Virtually im a insomniac, well every other weekend that is, at my dad's(My laptop's current home) My parent's are divorced, so, yeah that suck's i guess, anyway, i am usually grumpy in the morning, but by night, i'll party till im purple.
I have A.D.D so i was about to say something..then (damn!) i forgot..Oh yeah; During the day im very stressed out...Which probably the reason i go home and get stoned. Lol, then eat everything in my house, and take a long nap.

Music is my main influence, it's my freedom, without it, I'd die...probably.

Education is the most important thing you can be given.

Letting go doesn't mean your weak it just mean's your strong enough to let go.

Untill i think of something to say about my self..I don't ******** know....
Let see, Oh ya, enjoy my face:
Feed my lots of:yummy_smilies/icon_donut.gif yummy_smilies/icon_burger.gif and yummy_smilies/icon_cupcake.gif's on your way out. Cos i have the ******** munchie's.

Self stoner.Out.