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All You Need to Know about Scarlett

Hey guys, it's Scarlett

just a hello to all of you, my friends, my loves, and my visitors ^.^
since you're taking the time to read this, i'm sure you wanna read something interesting. well here it is.

everywhere i go, bitches always know, that Charlie Scene has got a weenie that he loves to show (b***h) everywhere i go, bitches always know, that Charlie Scene has got a weenie that he loves to show.
wake up, grab beer, grab rear, put on some scene gear. gonna get drunk before my mom wakes up, break up with my girlfriend so i can bang sluts. undead, unfed, been sleeping on bunk beds since ten.. so if i don't booze it, i'm gonna lose it, everybody get to it, get ruined....

hollywood undead. love 'em to death XD HU4L!!

Magickal Sound Machine

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awesome_colt_5679 Report | 12/10/2011 11:01 pm
Rawr!!! biggrin
I love you, darling!
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 08/04/2011 8:52 pm
Colton told me something about this website. he told me to post something that would make you smile. the reason he's not on here though is because hes been knocked out ever since around 4 o'clock. The dumb pain medications and other meds have taken him over already. Its really upsetting.. But i know this didnt make you smile, so i'm hoping this will! Hailey, we all thank you so much. All of us can hardly wait to meet you! Colton tells us all the time that the reason he hasnt gone yet is so he could see you once in real life. So without you, i don't want to think about how hed be acting! Well thank you so much. -Robert Park
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 08/03/2011 8:38 pm
Well i iz currently in da hospital feeling like dying... I don't have the list with me becuz I was rushed here :/ so imma come up with #25 when I feel like this.. Everyone. literally everyone tells me to think of a future with u.. it makes me smile:')
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 08/02/2011 10:00 pm
#24- so today i saw a couple with ds's sitting on the bench cuddled up. thegirl was shouting tropius... DESTROY! and i started cracking up! i ran over to them n asked them how they met. they said online. thats how i know were going to work out <3 i love you, scarlett smile
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 08/01/2011 10:58 pm
#23 smile today i was thinking bout u n let out a grin! first time i smiled today.. then when i got my sister a pokemon game, i chose squirtle and named it kenny! biggrin see! this is what u do to me! razz Love, Colton <3
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 07/29/2011 5:38 pm
well i cant go online tomoro so ill do number 21 and number 22 today smile
#21- i love that we tell eachother everything smile
#22- your probably annoyed tht u have like 4 messages and a million notification things of me commenting... but hopefully you iz happy! biggrin
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 07/28/2011 7:33 pm
oh btw that was number 20 razz
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 07/28/2011 7:33 pm
you changed my world in the blink of an eye
that is something that i cannot deny
you put my soul from the worst to the best
that is why i treasure you my dearest scarlett

you just dont know what you have done for me
you even pushed me to the best that i can be
you really are an angel sent from above

when im with you i will not cry even a single tear
and your touch has chased away all of my fear
you have givin me a life that i could live worthwhile
it is even better everytime you smile

its so magical those things youve made
to bring back my faith that alomst fade
now my life is a dream come true
it all began when i was loved by you

now i have found what i am looking for
its you and your love, and nothing more
cuz you have givin me this feeling of contentment
in my life something ive never felt

i wish i could talk "til the end of day
but now im running out of things to say
so ill end by the line you already know
i love you, more than what i could show <3
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 07/27/2011 8:29 pm
#19- its near impossible to live without you. youve always been the girl ive wanted and dreamed about.. i finally found you <3
awesome_colt_5679 Report | 07/26/2011 7:57 pm
#17- your so beautiful... whenever i look at your picture, i cant help but smile :')
#18- because even when we cant talk, ur the one who keeps me going smile i was getting treatments earlier n all i could think about is living through it all just to be with u in the future <3
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