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Ok a few things about me. Hm..for one I hate talking about ME, but since I have to here it goes.

FIRST AND FORMOST...I am a character. I am a figmint of someone elses imagination given voice and form. For you simpletons out there, this means I am not real. I am a Role Play character, and this is MY profile. Not my authors, MINE! You hear me??!! These are my thoughts, beliefs, responces, and life. If you like to role play then pm me, or if you wish to talk to author person. If you don't pm me, then this is who you will be talking to. Scarlet.

Now about me.. I speak my mind, I cuss, I do NOT throw pity parties, and for the most part I don't give a damn about the world. If you comment on my profile about how cool I look, I will actually say thank you. No compliment should go ignored. If you decide to give me something on my wish list, then I will give you due credit. Especially since I hardly ever get anything from anyone except heartache.

It took me for EVER to finally get on here, and now I have my own voice. If you call me Emo I will kill you. Just look at the profile. For the record I'm half drow and half ruby fox. So I can and do enjoy killing of stupid people. Just for the record I was a bandit leader but am not anymore. Now I just do what ever the hell I want because I currently don't give a damn about the stupid world out there.

That is the bare basics. If you have any questions or want to talk story plot with my author concerning me or any of her other characters PM me. I don't bite in private, only public. For now that's it. Now get lost!


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Jesszet Report | 10/20/2012 9:59 am
I do take commissions! I am currently taking headshot/bust commissions. The price is 250k+ (in gaia gold) or $5+ (in real money)
Take a look at [my deviantart] for more samples!
Neo_ Dragon_ of_ Drakness Report | 09/21/2012 6:14 am
Neo_ Dragon_ of_ Drakness
on Deviantart
In Freud We Trust Report | 04/25/2011 10:23 am
In Freud We Trust
you havent replied to any of my emails for ages,

Happy Easter =D
love you heart
Hinoiri Tatsu Report | 04/06/2011 8:08 am
Hinoiri Tatsu
Thanks biggrin Its Seracila Pendant. Your avi looks cool smile
Juniper Gale Emberlin Report | 04/04/2011 5:44 am
Juniper Gale Emberlin
CrazyIAS Report | 02/16/2011 9:18 pm
Dangerous..ok, got it. <nod nod>
CrazyIAS Report | 02/15/2011 9:17 pm
Very nice dress. Not sure if you are cuddly or dangerous.
Zephyr Dawn Report | 02/04/2011 5:36 am
Zephyr Dawn
Greetings oh vicious one. Nice attire.
In Freud We Trust Report | 01/16/2011 9:49 am
In Freud We Trust
yes, Im glad we do,
we dont want to stop talking so we do that,

Im taking a break from gaia for a while, possibly a few months/years,

it was really great talking to you and thank you.
I shall send my email to you in a pm if you still wish to stay in touch, if not,
good bye, and I wish you the best of luck with your life
In Freud We Trust Report | 01/12/2011 6:07 pm
In Freud We Trust
only a bit 4laugh

it is, with some of my friends who I dont see often, but we both have trouble staying in contact,
we agree to send emails, and to always reply even if we have nothing to say and just reply with smilie faces, cause that way well still stay in contact with eachother


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