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Scarlet Anastasia Rose


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Mad Mr Hatter Report | 08/27/2015 6:40 am
Mad Mr Hatter
I remember you...
Aliyah_Sweet Report | 06/09/2014 7:49 pm
Really adorable avatar emotion_kirakira
Raven Slithertongue Report | 08/21/2013 4:34 pm
Raven Slithertongue
Little Princess Pervert Report | 08/20/2013 11:39 am
Little Princess Pervert
A Crescent Moon Report | 08/20/2013 7:52 am
A Crescent Moon
Threas was banned, couldn't see response.
Dovahkiin-Dragonborn Report | 08/16/2013 5:13 pm
I know exactly how you feel.
I hate Gangnam Style
Sly Savarin Report | 08/16/2013 1:04 pm
Sly Savarin
*chuckles* nooo~ I don't eat rats XD never tried rabbit before though > >
Dovahkiin-Dragonborn Report | 08/16/2013 12:52 pm
Hey exclaim
I'll be back later. I'm on the drumline for our marching band, and we have a meeting at 1 to discuss this year's coming show.
Talk to you later.
HyattDrambrook Report | 08/15/2013 11:25 pm
I don't want to think those kinds of thoughts but that's how it is. Have to fight them back but I can't it's over whelming . I'm at wits end.
HyattDrambrook Report | 08/15/2013 11:18 pm
No, it will not pass by. It will not until I'm laying on the floor a lifeless corpse. That's the ONLY SOLUTION


The Real Scarlet
I must say I am not a child nor am I a loli girl but at heart I feel that I am many things.
I work hard and a play harder; my replays maybe slow forgive me for I have furry children.
My birth name is not one I wish to be called; for if you knew me you will understand why I am so many things. Forgive me if my world seems beyond yours; it mostly is.
Where is my mind you might ask; in my head of course.

Call me Scarlet

If I had a world of my own
everything will be nonsense
nothing will be what it is
because everything will be what it isn't
In contrary was, what it is it wouldn't be
and what it wouldn't be it would, you see

- "Her Name is Alice" by Shinedown

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I’m a twisted, lost, morbid, and a very miserable little girl; but don’t let my high or my look of innocents fool your close minded mind. For these big brown eyes have seen things your adult brain could not comprehend. For everything you ignore in life I’ve over come. You push away what hurts you the most because you fear you’re not human naïf to take It. I embrace it for all the pain and havoc for I see the greater lesson it brings.

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User ImageUser ImageUser Image


I'm a very open minded woman.

I do believe in magic,ghosts, psychics, tarot cards and astrology.

Halloween is my favorite Holiday.

I quite smoking right after the heart attack i had when i was 18.

I always smell of Vanilla.

I can be a little bit morbid sometimes.

I leave a rose behind.
So that the soul that once laid here may pass on.
Forgive me for what I've done.
But your blood taste so much sweeter then my whine.

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I Am What I Am And That's All That I Am

My immortal love I call on Thee
I know we’re from two different parts.
You’re my dark angel from the underworld.
Please come into the light.
So I can give you my warm kiss.
My immortal princes, I am forever yours.

Forever mine, forever thine

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Is Lonely but not Alone
For I have many skeletons in my home

Wanting Free Avi Art
Needing Gold/ WishList

I have many learning disabilities
Such as dyslexia and poor grammar. </3

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Scarlet Anastasia Rose