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Hey, so to start, I was a cheer leader but dont let that get to your head. Im not gay and not preppy, instead I am me. I am who I choose to be... and I dont let other people choose that for me(just like every other profile you'll ever read, right?). I like what I like and I dont let myself become the tail of the mainstream chain. Speaking of chain, dont send me chainmail, cause I hate that. I promote individuality to the extent that it goes to... Im into Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology... Math, Physics, Computers, etc... I like to read into things, and I love to get into one of those pointlessly long conversations about what is and what could be, but most of all, I try to see the reason. The reason for what happens, why people do the things they do, just... why. So yeah, I'll support individuality and free thinkers, but if youre being stupid dont waste my time and dont be that Uniquely the SAME AS EVERY ONE ELSE person who a lot of people are.... So yeah... be you, and not who every else says to be(or not to be just because they say not to). So yeah....

You'll find Im easy going and Im great to ask for advice... I havent had any special training in the area, but I can give some okay advice from time to time, so dont be afraid to ask me for help with you life's issues if you need some one from the outside to help you and not judge you.... Im here for that.

Im a pretty neutral guy generally, I usually play a Monk in DnD and Im the diplomat... so you fellow gamers can assume that Im more in control than the Barbarians of the world. I try to get along with those whom appeal appropriately. Dont be swearing at my because it seems "cool" to do so, because it isnt. So yeah, as you may have guessed, I am a GAMER. I like RPGs, thats why Im here, and I enjoy a good RolePlaying game, and I LOVE MMORPGs. FFXi is definately the #2 on my list only overtaken by Some other good MMO like Rift or something, and followed up with CoH or CoV(I think this may be more my style of a game than CoH) and then its Guild Wars and Fallen Earth. But forgive my lack of experience in this department for Im still in need of a job and havent played much, so if you have any to suggest its much appreciated, just PM me^_^. I also enjoy the playing of a non-computer game(*gasp* non-computer?!) sometimes and will play Halo Reach and Killzone online and the such. So I generally like most good games despite the operating system.

<Above this updated on 4/28/2011; Below this REALLY REALLY OLD>

Im also a fan of a good book or story. I Like to read. I dont usually limit my readings but it takes a good topic to get me really INTO the book. Vampires, Lycanthropes(not just werewolves), Magic, Elves, Dragons, and most Fantasy Novels fall into my line of Preference. I'll read mystery novels for a good wake-up call to the brain(frontal lobe: used for reasoning and the such), so you can bet Holmes is on my Shelf. Sci-fi is good, but its a hit or miss case with it. Too many Sci-Fi novels get bad ratings for lacking detail, and new ideas, and the most crucial good story line. I think that covers my top 3 book genres... Again, suggestions for books to read or much appreciated, just PM me.

I draw even though I am very bad, I just dont give up. I Love music but I cant sing or play an instrument, though I hope to some day. I want to be a lawyer and a computer programmer. Hoping to go to Harvard... I want to learn Japanese, French, Chinese, and it cant hurt to learn Spanish, Italian, Latin, and anything else I come into contact with frequently in the future. I paint miniatures, still not good there either but Im getting better. Once I get good at Sculpting you might start seeing some Scae figures being displayed on here, same goes for when I get better at drawing. Um... I think this wraps it up for the time being but more will be appearing with time so check up on me from time to time.... and I never mind getting new friends, so dont be afraid to add me.^_^ And a final notice: I like to place a huge Shout out to my best friend for Bringing me to gaia, Arinoa, aka Charlene. Thanks all for reading and I'll be hoping to here from you.


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Pickwickett Report | 04/27/2011 11:28 am
Thanks. :3
MyStIc_MaGnEt Report | 12/10/2008 7:37 pm
Pickwickett Report | 05/13/2007 7:12 am
So, you're pretty much the best dancer ever. You showed everyone up at Prom. Sorry I didn't stay and dance with you and Kim, I felt awkward. gonk
Pickwickett Report | 04/20/2007 5:04 pm
*remembers we have school on monday*
Enne_Groves Report | 03/18/2007 11:41 am
hello, I love your avatar and your background. Cool page
Akira Kuchiki Report | 03/15/2007 1:23 pm
hi hi! i haven't left u a comment in a long time so i am leaving u one now biggrin . i can't wait to go snowboarding with u tmr!! should b fun ^-^. ly!
Mithrellas Report | 02/10/2007 7:52 am
*marshmallow catches fire* ahh, blow it out blow it out!!!
Akira Kuchiki Report | 01/14/2007 6:08 pm
ohh n look i got my jacket lol. the one i have in real life too ^-^ tis cutey n i put the hood up for u ^_-. lol *kiss* ly
Akira Kuchiki Report | 01/14/2007 5:52 pm
i posted sumthing on the guild honey u should go n see considering u r the one who told me i should put sumthing on. well i finally did. lol. ^-^ yup yup. i luv u!! guess what only 19 days!! luv u! *kiss*
Pickwickett Report | 01/04/2007 5:19 pm
Wow, lots of friends, huh?
Awesome-possum, Captain Sorne.


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