This is meh personality peoplez!!!

OK, hey peoplez! I'm SazukaLuvsDeidara's twin sister in case you haven't already figured that out. I listen to techno, J-Rock, J-Pop, and stuff like that. I also draw anime, but like my sister, it's mostly adorable chibis. I've already posted on. It's a Deidara Chibi. It's so ADORABLE! Also, my favorite animes are Naruto(of course), Death Note, Inuyasha(not a whole lot but whatever) and Nanaka 6/17. My fav anime CHARACTERS are Deidara (DEI-KUUUUN!!!!! XD), Sasori, Hidan, Kakuzu, Itachi, Kisame, Shikamaru, Sessomaru, Koga, Ninjii, Nanaka, L, Mello, Matt and Near! And for you fellow perverts out there, I'M A YAOI ADDICT!!! I luv SasoDei, KakuHida, NaruSasu(but veeeeeeeeerry little), Hida Dei and ItaDei in some cases. I also like some M&M (mello and matt) but not a whole lot. I draw yaoi too, but don't ask me to post any because I won't! Well, that's pretty much all i got to say about that. So...LET'S BE BUDDEHZ(if you don't dis my fav animez, anywayz.) xD