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Sayuri's tale

Sayuri has aged greatly in her kidnapping, 15 long and hard years away from her life have added almost half a century to her looks. Desperate and in need of her love orochimaru she finds her way back to his loving arms. Hurt and angered at his loves malnurished body he mends her back to full health and the reunited married couple plot there revenge. Killing all one by one painfully and brutally, though there is a hint of elegance and passion in the way they kill together. because they do it for one an other.... the elegance of love is never lost


User Image The girl behind sayuri (yes this is really me Jade)

hello and welcome to my profile, I hope you find everything to your liking, and if not well get the ******** out! I'm opinionated and strong minded and if you don't like my macabre style then leave i have no time to waste on mortals such as yourselfs..... anyways her are 13 fun facts about me:

1) I've been with my boyfriend James Glover for 4 years, and have every intention of marriage
2) I'm a freelance horror movie make-up artist
3) I'm lead singer of vow of silence
4) my lucky number is 13
5) my favorite colors are crimson, blue, purple, black
6) I love the dark side of elegance
7) I'm 20
cool I'm going to attend commonwealth institute for funeral service, and become a mortician
9) Still love anime just not as much as I used to
10) favorite bands are cradle of filth, korn, system of a down, disturbed, and many more
11)I can't stand annoying immature people don't add me if you are
12) I'm a lucifarian and no that does not mean i sacrifice cats, I am a knowledge seeker, and i have no problems answering any questions you might have.
13) I am the BIGGEST orochimaru fan girl in the world

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little about me add me if you'd like to know more
Orochimaru is still my love <3
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i love orochimaru got a problem dont talk to me