"The only man who never makes a mistake is the man that never does anything." -Theodore Roosevelt

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Confucius

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein

"Never tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon." -Author unknown

"This above all: to thine own sellf be true." -Shakespeare

"When life gives you lemons, cut them in half and squirt life in the eye!" -Author Unknown

"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. And in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you the smartest of all." -Socrates

"No law or ordinance is mightier than understanding." -Plato

"The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter." -Mark Twain

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else." -Judy Garland

"Reality is negotiable." -Tim Ferriss

"Ideologies seperate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together." -Eugene Ionesco

"Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is 100%." -R.D. Laing

"The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive." -Robert Heinlein

"Life isn't fair. It's just fairer than death, that's all." -William Goldman (The Princess Bride)


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sayumi92's Journal

Here are my daily ramblings if any one wants to read... Lol

hey my name is samantha and i love anime!! ^^


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Night Sky Blade

Report | 04/04/2017 8:28 am

Night Sky Blade

Bummer! Well, least you're doing what you're passionate about which is teaching. I haven't really gotten to do what I wanted, then again never went to college. Unemployed life is balls. rolleyes I'll find something though. xP
Night Sky Blade

Report | 03/26/2017 6:04 pm

Night Sky Blade

Oh! You teach the edgy teens? That's awesome! biggrin

How's the spring break treating you, teach? xD
Night Sky Blade

Report | 03/21/2017 5:52 pm

Night Sky Blade

It goes! Just trying to survive the unemployed life. v.v;
How about you, pal? Shooting for the stars? surprised
Night Sky Blade

Report | 03/15/2017 1:44 pm

Night Sky Blade

Oh damn! Good thing I checked the comments on my old account.
Welp, zOMG is back so a lot of people have been returning to get on that.
How have you been? biggrin
Ya Boi Roxas

Report | 01/21/2017 3:55 am

Ya Boi Roxas

Hey missy! Long time no see! Hope youre doing amazingly! ^ ^
Ya Boi Roxas

Report | 11/04/2014 12:09 pm

Ya Boi Roxas

Well, well, well, if it isn't my good friend Sayumi Teacher's Aid. xD
Sup dawwwg?
Ya Boi Roxas

Report | 12/07/2013 9:33 am

Ya Boi Roxas


For real!? O___O You're gonna be a teach?
Ya Boi Roxas

Report | 12/06/2013 8:12 am

Ya Boi Roxas

Pretty good, just being tired, old, and a working person. Dx
Anything new with you? dramallama
Ya Boi Roxas

Report | 12/03/2013 2:47 am

Ya Boi Roxas

Sayumi! cool
Blazing Radiance

Report | 11/04/2013 9:38 pm

Blazing Radiance

Hey! Finally decided to check up on Gaia for once lol. My summer went pretty well, I unfortunately didn't get a job but I worked a lot on cosplays ^^;; How's the new school year going? It's been pretty hectic for me, I'm taking an intro bio class and it's way too difficult for an intro class...(in my opinion anyways razz ) I'm taking organic chemistry too, which surprisingly isn't as troublesome as bio, along with costume construction and Japanese which are way more fun heh~