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I love going outside, and I live in Alaska! blaugh
i like horses,and unicorns, but dragons hold a special place in my heart., I have 7 siblings I am the oldest twisted I have a black cat and her name is savvy + i like finding 4+ leaf clovers
I love random pms, art, and unwanted items!
If you are on my profile, it is because you are one of my bestest friends!!
I love to Role Play! I am better if you spring something on me in the forjms, if you enter into one of my own, prepare for the ride of your life!
One of the characters I most often role play as is Savvy, a sliver dragon. When I post, it is most often me referring to being a dragon. I role play in first person and have over 60+ characters and 8 accounts. If you want someone in your RP, tell me! I am always able! PM me if you want me to join your thread/guild.
I can be a bit old fashion on gaia and quite nit picky... just warning ya..
Sometimes I am quite bubbly, others I am very depressed. If you have been my friend this long, then kutos to you! I am always open to friend requests and I love to meet new people! I have only been with Gaia since '10, but I know a lot about it and have gotten WAY past the noob phase here.
Do no try and rip me off with a deal. I can be quite evil if I find you have done something that I do not like.

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Don't judge me when you first meet me, judge me for who I am and what we learn from each other.[/color:4631f2219b][/size:4631f2219b]
[img:4631f2219b]http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj563/savvycrazy/Gaia Proof/images.jpg[/img:4631f2219b]
((I am a FEMALE, silver scaled dragon. Say anything suggesting that I am male and I will be forced to sit on you!))


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My best and closest friends!!!

These are all my accounts that I role play with!