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Uhm...Guess I should take more concern to this thing, being people are gonna stalk it to friend me, huh? Well OK!
Commonly used names: Riri, Doggy, RayRay (You know who you are < _ <...), Rhi Rhi (How people pronounce it when they talk to me, so I take it. *Hums Umbrella), etc
Loves: Being helpful (Favorite Hobby), the Mistletoe (Favorite Flower), Video Games, Reading, JUSTICE!, Frands c:, Art and stuff, Uhm... and etc I guess o u o"
Likes: Why is this here when I love almost everything o - o?
Dislikes: Lies, cheats, scams, haters, Blah blah blah, whatever is here, I forgive em either way.
HATES!: Honestly, I cant be no hater D; Well I try not to be one :3...(FRIDAY ANYONE!?!?)

So hello there Gaians, Hao you doin' <3? I'm a pacifist that goes all out for you, whether I know you, don't like you, or anything of that sort, so don't feel afraid to approach me with a problem. I admit I can be hard to deal with, and sometimes lets my stress take me over, BUT! I'm still learning, like you. So please, we are human after all. Btw I have a skype and facebook, Pm me for it so we can chat easier :3 If you have any questions or need some help with something in life..Just talk to me, ok : D? Alright, See ya later.


~Please don't advert your gaze. . you might enjoy this~

Song of Seasons. . .



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Nephilim Rose Report | 01/08/2014 11:28 pm
*hugs* I've been better, but things will be ok soon! ; u; How are you?
Nephilim Rose Report | 01/08/2014 10:48 am
My post..? oAo; but thanks; u; ~♪ I'll add your main ; u; what's the username?
Nephilim Rose Report | 01/03/2014 10:43 pm
It's me Ruru ; o ; I missed youuu~♪
The Depster Report | 09/20/2013 2:51 pm
No! You add me
The Depster Report | 09/20/2013 2:45 pm
Im on skype! Why dont You talk to me! emotion_awesome
The Depster Report | 09/20/2013 2:41 pm
Talking to You talking to staring at the keyboard staring back sending hearts heart stares at heart emotion_awesome
The Depster Report | 09/20/2013 2:34 pm
Is your brother on Gaia too?
The Depster Report | 09/20/2013 2:10 pm
The Depster Report | 09/20/2013 2:01 pm emotion_c8 and yes, im kissing You emotion_yatta
The Depster Report | 09/20/2013 1:56 pm
emotion_donotwant dont You like it?


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