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Witching Well Report | 12/12/2010 1:23 am
Dayum gurl
Lt Derp Report | 10/24/2010 1:50 pm
I find your status somewhat offensive. You're no different from me or anyone else just because you're gay and play games. It's like girls who point out they play games. It doesn't mean/change anything. Just because you're gay and play games doesn't make you special. Please don't pretend it does. Now, I'm not looking to start a fight, I just think it's stupid to say "I'm gay and play games!" Just leave it at "Gay and proud," or something.
Dr. Heat Report | 10/14/2010 10:12 pm
Ah, no offense. Just trying to do my part for humor everywhere.
Dr. Heat Report | 10/14/2010 10:09 pm
surprised actually I find your sig unfunny. Not that domestic abuse can't be hilarious. It's just that the pic seems quite serious.
diabolical_girl Report | 01/19/2010 10:54 am
Kewl avi
iiLuLu Report | 02/09/2009 8:50 pm
Do you play Golden Sun?
Hip Albatross Report | 06/27/2008 10:59 pm
Probably more like a couple couple. Oh wait, I'm thinking of someplace else. XD It's like 6 hours. ._.;;

DistanceFail User Image
Hip Albatross Report | 06/27/2008 10:42 pm
Found it on /b/ so it could be either really.

And I'm in Salt Lake sh*tty.
Hip Albatross Report | 06/27/2008 10:39 pm
Thank yew vurry much.


I love shibas, me.

Sucks being allergic, though


You're in Vegas? Just a couple hours from me. ;D
queerty Report | 06/11/2008 3:41 am
Thanks for your purchase.

Anime/Manga I've Seen(Only includes those I liked)

Naruto, Bleach, Gantz, Mai HiME, Beet the Vandal Buster, Beet Excellion, Vandread, Neon Genesis Evangelion, GetBackers, Tsubasa Chronicles, Hellsing, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Samurai 7, GunXSword, D. Gray-Man, .hack//sign, .hack//Roots, Death Note, Gintama, Hikaru No Go, Nana, Erementar Gerad, Ouran High School Host Club, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Air, Ichigo 100%, Black Cat, Pretear, G Gundam, Jigoku Shoujo, The Melancholy of Harhuhi Suzumaiya, Blue Gender, Fooly Cooly, Ragnorak the Animation, Chrno Crusade, Marmalade Boy. I'm missing a lot, so I'll add as I remember them.

Whap-pa- RadU


Ok. Let's get some basic facts down about me ^^
Name: Joseph
Age:16(turned 16 in June)
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Orientation: Gay
Height: 5"9
Weight: 190-200(losing weight at a steady pace(used to be 210).
Loves/Likes: The Killers, Interpol, Bleach, Naruto, Evangelion, Most Anime, Muse.
Hates/Dislikes: Fanboys/Fangirls, Final Fantasy VII, FFVII fangirls, Inuyasha and FMA fangirls, annoying people.

Video Games: RPGs, FPSs(occasionaly), RTSs, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, a lot of stuff.

Ok, some basic facts, now some more in-depth stuff.

Why Hello There! My name is Joseph(My nicknames are Ich
igo(The most common), Kiba, Neji, and that's about it). My main intrests are Anime and Manga. I'm currently infatuated with Bleach and now that the fillers are over I've recently been very happy with that, though I doubt that will overide my Bleach fandom(Considering the Naruto Manga is dissappointing me a LOT). Uhhh... What else? My favorite Bleach Characters(Because I can't have one) are Ichigo, Urahara, Sado/Chad, Matsumoto, Ichimaru Gin(I really don't think he's a bad guy! xD ), Zaraki Kenpachi, Grimjow, and Aizen. I love talking about Bleach and what's going to happen next <3. Oh the characters I dislike most are Ishida, Genriyusai, and Ganjyo. My other favorite Animes/Mangas Include: Naruto, Vandread, Hellsing, Death Note, Mai HiME, Beet the Vandal Buster, GetBackers, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ouran Host Club, D. Gray-man, Elemental Gelade, Suikoden III, Blue Seed, and I know I'm forgetting a lot..... ^^;; I'm also an avid gamer. I have to say(With no intention of sounding all high and mighty) I'm an all-rounded gamer. I can pick up and play almost every genre except for FPS. I don't like them a lot since I do hate the cameras and they become boring very quickly. Fighting Game Characters: Super Smash Bros Melee(In order of strongest to weakest): Shiek, Roy, Pikachu, Link Soul Calibur II(In order of strongest to weakest) Talim, Link, Seung Mina, Killik, Ivy. Bleach DS 1: Byakuya I can pick up almost all fighting games and be a decent challenge, I usually pick female characters since they tend to be very fast and I prefer Speed over Power.
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Wish List


Proud Gaymer

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Domestic abuse is not funny. It's hilarious.