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Does this art appeal to you?

Would you like to have your favorite or odds and ends photos for example that silly picture of someone with a funny face made into a work of art?
So if you have any photos with funny faces, happy, laughing, scowling, or any others emotion or expressions you have.
I can take those pictures of yours and do in the same art style you see here. That way you could take pictures of your friends and loved ones, and also have piece of artwork of it, to have or give as a Present

I correlate the colors with the emotion, but not just red with angry and blue with sad, I have many options and pallets to choose from or to discover. If you like I can even use a particular color, or colors.

I can use Tempera and or Acrylic paint
I have 12 by 18 size paper but can go bigger or smaller.
It’s your commission so ask for any particulars.

This style means a lot to me and I will enjoy making sure
That each of your pieces turns out Great.
My name is Chrissy Del Pino
Contact me at:

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Price _________$

MOre of my artwork,some of it kinda old, but ever since i graduated my drive has depleted, im in a rut or something, plus i just such a lazy bum, i really need to get a job, and a life.... so heres my artwork, some experamental art hands, a parody and something alluring.
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
hallowen mask paper mache
User Image
spirit fox/ User Image
User Image avi art for own avatar

i need a job, i dont think im gonna get one ever epic fail

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ArtfulDodger Report | 02/18/2011 6:19 pm
Ha! Never seen him, but I googled it and I suppose it does a little bit, doesn't it? Thanks for the love <3
saturncrow Report | 12/12/2010 11:20 am
User Image

Loser Laili Report | 12/05/2010 3:38 pm
Loser Laili
Thank you for sending that to me!! It didn't even occur to me to use screenshots from the landing page xD Yes, that'll be quite awesome, it'll definitely have it's place on one of the posters. Thank you very much!!
Your art is quite amazing, by the way, it looks lovely =)
Khrate Report | 12/03/2010 12:03 pm
Thanks. : )
Maysend Report | 11/09/2010 12:22 pm
Thank you! <3 Your avi is delightfully creepy, haha.
Demon Child Tatsuya Report | 05/05/2010 2:29 pm
Demon Child Tatsuya
Nope, but I'll look into it later. Thanks! ^^
Severo Morris Report | 05/01/2010 1:07 am
Severo Morris
The comic is called The Awakened. GO check it out!
Dylan Fenni Report | 03/19/2010 1:26 pm
Dylan Fenni
I freaking love your avatar.
Miss Mayena Report | 03/17/2010 3:06 pm
Miss Mayena
Ah, Houshin Engi. You just hit me with some serious nostalgia. Some of my high school friends were crazy about that series. It was all we could watch for a while in anime club, because they were President and VP. I called abuse of power!

I never thought of Dorohedoro as horror. It's pretty gruesome, but more like weird and a little random. I suppose it's going more to the horror side as it goes along, though.
Miss Mayena Report | 03/17/2010 12:17 pm
Miss Mayena
Onemanga is in my tabs setup. 3nodding Every time I open my browser, it goes straight to Gaia, Lovely Anime, One Manga,, and a blog called Japanator.

The problem with One Manga is that there are so many series that I just don't have time to read them all! I followed the first 24 chapters of Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer too, but if something doesn't get released for a while I'll lose track of what it was about and not pick it back up again. The only thing I follow religiously is Shonen Jump series like One Piece and Bakuman, and Skip Beat! (Because I am a girl.)

LaBH is something I've thought about going back to. It was so off-the-wall, but then the "twelve guardians" thing started to smack of Super Sentai/Magical Girl and I lost interest. Out of curiosity, have you read Dorohedoro? It seems like a series you might like.


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