Well...if you don't know about me you shouldn't be looking at my page. xD But if you insist, here you go:
Name: Ella
Age: 17
DOB: Halloween. Yes, I rule.
Status: Um...
Mood of the month: Depressed and pissed off
Fave band: Maroon 5 (OMG THEY CANCELLED THE CONCERT THAT I HAD TICKETS TO!!! WHY?!?) or My Chemical Romance
Fave book: the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer
Fave show: GREY'S ANATOMY!
Fave manga: Death Note
Fave animated movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Fave store: AE
That's all you get. If you're one of my friends, you should know more than that.

Hopefully I'll get some avi art soon.
If you want pics, there are some in my journal.

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Here's what some of my friends think of me...

I could be cliche and say how sweet and cute and fun you are.. but its much more then that.. your a deep girl who is much more then meets the eye. My first impression of you was far from who you truly are. You care about your friends deeply, and feel for all people. Your strong, but can also hurt. You have a smile that can change a persons entire day. ... and god help whoever ruins that smile.... you love everyone and only want to be loved back. Just because your young doesn't mean you don't have the passion of a lifetime already.
-( Joker_O_Hearts )

Ella is an amazingly sweet person. She has a wonderful sense of humor and style, and she can pull anything off with a flair-when she believes in herself! Though low on self esteem, her personality is incredibly strong and unique, she's beautiful inside and out. She has been my best friend for years and there is really no one that I respect more, or trust more. She has a lot of integrity, and I know that I can tell her anything and she won't ever judge me. She can always make me smile, no matter the situation, and she is very supportive. I am so grateful to have her with me!!! Ella is also an amazingly loyal friend. There have been times where nearly everyone I knew hated me, and she was never one of them. Ella was always so supportive and always believed in me. I couldn't wish for a better friend. I love staying up with her, splurging and just talking about life. She always helps me when I need it and gives me that little extra shove. She never loses her patience with me unless I'm being OVERLY insensative, and even then I'm grateful for the snaps I get, they help me realize what a crappy friend I was being at the time. No matter how much I complain sometimes, she always smiles and tells me I can do it, and helps me find ways around my problems. And she's so SMART! She's an incredibly bright girl, something I have, in all honesty, envied. She has incredible work ethic (something I really lack..xD) and can be a great example. She may seem soft at times, but I garuntee that if you mess with her you'll be in for hell! She's so strong and solid, I'm amazed at what she's been through, and sometimes I honestly wonder how she keeps smiling. But there it is, every day, a beautiful happy smile! I adore that about her. She is my best friend and NO ONE MESSES WITH HER. I would kill for her, I would die for her, I'd do anything for her. She's my sister. ******** with her and deal with me-which is NOT pretty.

You're a very nice person for one. And you're one of my best friends. You're funny and fun to be around but sometimes you can be a little over emotional and really be a b***h but hey isn't everyone sometimes. You're very stubborn and a lot of them time you can't learn from anyone else's mistake but her own. Which can get you hurt sometimes but I think that in the long run you will have stronger feelings about avoiding being hurt like that again and make the right choices next time. I do sometimes get annoyed with your low self esteem shown on the parnethesis in your message. Be nice to yourself if you're continuously putting yourself down the sympathy will wear off and people will start getting annoyed. Sorry but it's the truth. But besides all that you are one of my best friends and I love you dearly and I would kill for you if I had to (So don't anyone ******** mess with my Ellla!!!!!!)

Ella's a great friend and a great listener.

Ella is a super sweet girl. She's super smart, talented and funny. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Ella has a great body(she looks like a F*cking stick, I could put her in a park and poeple would ask why a tree was wearing clothes) and a sense of style. Ella is stubborn out the who-yah and is a little naive, but I love her anyway. smile

Ella is so cool! And nice, she is a wonderful friend *nods*, she is the kinda person that makes you happy! I luv her like a sister!


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A very satisfying journal

Deese ish meh werds

Um...my journal?



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nope, but i like it.

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doth thou wear converse!?

Thou art my hero!

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I have that hat, only in green and white.

I had gotten it...2 years ago?

maybe more...

for St. Patrics day.

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I miss you too!! User Image

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i like both. ^_^

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that's because they were too big, and i have been too lazy to re-size more than the 2 or three that i've already done. -_-;
queen conquer

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queen conquer

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User Image HeeeyZ!

...Maybe U don`t remembr me... but U bought loads of ink at my store, so...

Merry X-mas! *hug*

Hope Ur having a great time!

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Your welcome! ^_^ No wait thank you!

And happy holladays to you too! ^_^

I know exactly what you mean! ><

I just got out of school on friday.
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I love your profile! ^_^


It's a Franken-Gerard Way wind-up doll!

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