hewwo stranger!
im sierra.
i have an amazing boyfriend.. corban<3333

friends. music. obscure thoughts. art/photography. humor. sleeping. hugs. kittens. winter. long walks. starbucks. tears. tight jeans. piercings. hoodies. weekends. black and white. cuddling. vintage. boba. scarves. bandanas. drawing. concerts. big hair. talking to random people. hugging random people. coffee shops. hello kitty. acting like a retard. sugar cubes. the smell of rain. london. drawing. chinese food. snow. the mall. staying up 'til the sun is out. floral prints. polaroids. grapefruits. grapefruit juice. laughing until i cry. crying until i laugh. the sound of rain hitting the window. sweatshirts. mascara.

I LOVE music.

tegan and sara.
bright eyes.
bring me the horizon.
the postal service.
circa survive.
the number twelve looks like you.
brand new.
the devil wears prada.
camera obscura.
explosions in the sky.
pretty girls make graves.
through the eyes of the dead.
the medic droid.
from first to last.
boards of canada.
death cab for cutie.
cat power.
neutral milk hotel.
nature has patterns.
the fall of troy.
jeffree star.
lauren elle.
the weakerthans.
minus the bear.
modest mouse.
blood red shoes.
the finches.
dance gavin dance.
the long winters.
scary kids scaring kids.
murder by death.
iron and wine.
the innocence mission.
the album leaf.
sea wolf.
ted leo and the pharmacists.
channel in channel out.
dr acula.
this will destroy you.
the cushions.
jack's mannequin.
war from a harlots mouth.
the wooden sky.
the shins.
tilly and the wall.
the november silhouette.
birthday boy.
red leaf black bird.