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arrow Well what can I say been a Gaian for a long time and loving every moment of it. I'm Sasukian, but friends call me Sasu for short or Sasuki either way is fine with me. Of course I love anime, always been fascinated by Asian culture and it's traditions.

With time passing by I've grown and change quite a bit myself, learning from my mistakes and experiences. Am a young adult but since am a lady I'll keep my age on the down low, is a girl secret... lol. But my heart will always stay young. 4laugh

wahmbulance Please do not get offended if I don't accept your friend request. Most of my friends on here I know them in real life or know them from other places. Friendship to me is not adding a lot of random people. I enjoy getting to know the person first before starting a friendship that will last a life time.

Thank you for the visit, hope you enjoy your stay. Perhaps will meet around.
Take care and be well heart


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Arashtel Report | 12/09/2015 5:33 pm
Awesome glad your doing alright. I am doing good myself. A bit bored out of my mind but good. 3nodding
Arashtel Report | 12/08/2015 2:26 pm
How is you!!!
Tsuskie Raven Heart Report | 08/04/2015 12:24 am
Tsuskie Raven Heart
Long time no chat
Arashtel Report | 10/21/2013 10:49 am
Happy Birthday Hun! Looking awesome! Halloween its so exiting! 4laugh
Tsuskie Raven Heart Report | 07/10/2013 8:41 pm
Tsuskie Raven Heart
II Dria II Report | 03/29/2012 12:26 pm
II Dria II
I found something you might like. :3 Clicky ---> User Image

Arashtel Report | 03/27/2012 8:08 am
awww your character looks cute sasu =). I always like those.
Prince Seiko Report | 12/28/2009 7:49 pm
Prince Seiko
Gracias ^_^
freakshowbaby15 Report | 08/29/2009 6:38 pm
Thanks Sasu. ^^
GreyMetaru Report | 03/13/2009 8:51 am
I'm well, and you?



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