Me and Sasuke! x3

Before any of you come in here just to bash me about liking Sasuke... here's something you should know:
I'm more than happy to argue though! ^_^
On the official Naruto forums, I am X__Sasuke__X and I started a thread to protect Sasuke's reputation! That's where people come to argue! xD lol I love arguing on that thread! xD
Sasuke stuff:
~Everytime I start an account on a website, I always have Sasuke's name (it's usually SasukeUchihasGuardian/SasukeUchihasGuardianAngel)
~Collect Sasuke cards
~Draw Sasuke nonstop
~Buy anything with Sasuke on/in it
~Bought Sasuke action figures
~Argue with Sasuke haters
~All of my fanfics have to have Sasuke in them
~Have Sasuke pictures/posters plastered around BOTH of my rooms (moms/dads)
~Got a Sasuke fathead!! (Those things that stick to your wall)
~Celebrate Sasuke's birthday every year!
~Have every single Naruto book (mostly cause I wanna see Sasuke's fights)
~My dream avatar is Sasuke
~My siggy in every forum I join (or website that allows signatures) always mentions that I'm the biggest Sasuke fan
~I think he's dead sexy!! 8D
~I nicknamed my cat Sasuke
~I cry when they show Sasuke's family get killed
~I cried when Sasuke got killed by Haku
~I make a list like this to express my love of Sasuke
~I have been ranked as #1 for the biggest Sasuke fan on the official Naruto forums
~I have cute Sasuke plushies! x3
~I know pretty much everything about Sasuke
~I cosplay as him for Halloween/his birthday
~Half of the stuff on my bday list has Sasuke in it
~If an episode or Naruto chapter doesn't have Sasuke in it, it's boring
~SasuSaku is my favorite pairing (Sasuke x Sakura)
~I wear my Sasuke hat with pride
~I am saving up to buy Sharingan Contacts
~I do this weird fangirl squeal when I see a cute/sad/awesome picture of Sasuke
~I call myself SasukeUchihasGuardian
~The wallpaper on my computer is Sasuke
~I create my own wallpapers, and they all have Sasuke in them