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mic4 Report | 07/08/2008 4:42 pm
Copy/paste this to 10 ppl and press f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold
Pallyjack Report | 07/07/2008 7:14 pm
youre a sasuke faker
yuriabrinemi Report | 07/06/2008 7:27 am
Sasuke Rox
blades_sexy_gunn_slinger Report | 07/01/2008 8:57 am
love!!!!!!!!!!!! you profil sasuke is sooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttttttttttt and sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xp
xX-iiAmu Hinamori-Xx Report | 06/28/2008 8:44 pm
xX-iiAmu Hinamori-Xx
Hi .... S... Sasuke ku..n
hakke_juuken101 Report | 06/28/2008 7:08 am
sasuke sucks neji is beter>>>>>>>>yey
sauke uchiha_123 Report | 06/27/2008 2:39 pm
sauke uchiha_123
Try this out! Send this to 10 people. Then press F5. And you will get 10,000 gold
bob cupcake Report | 06/23/2008 6:36 am
bob cupcake
copy/paste this to 10 pple and then press f5 and f9 at hte same time u will get 100,000 gold trust me it works
pein12874 Report | 06/18/2008 10:59 am
Rhincodon Typus Report | 06/14/2008 10:11 pm
Rhincodon Typus
hi im bored and a big naruto fan so i am going and buging all of the sasukes out there by calling them emo duck butt so ha! lol (yes yes i no im crazy)^-^



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You aren't hurt are you, Scaredy Cat?

Who am I?

Let's see.. about me.. I am Sasuke Uchiha, and I am the last of my clan- other than my eldest brother. He is dead to me, being that he killed our parents, as well with our entire clan. I will destroy him for that someday. I'm not generally an angry and vengeful person. Before the actions of my brother, I was what one could call sweet and cheerful. I once was on a team with Naruto Uzumaki, Haruno Sakura, and Hatake Kakashi.. though I left the team seeking more power. I left the team and joined up with one of the Legendary Sanin, Orochimaru. After obtaining much more power, I then destroyed the legendary ninja.

But let me go back to my ex team mate... Naruto Uzumaki. This kid had the power to change people. You could be the cruelest person in the world and he would turn you into a person the exact opposite of that. He has the Nine Tailed Demon Fox sealed away inside of him, and I've seen it myself. Not to sound like a ... gay person or anything ... But when I see N aruto he made me feel all.... weird on the inside.

I am currently running a secret organization that is working on finding and destroying my brother, Itachi Uchiha a member of the Akatsuki.
[Closet Yaoi]

I am a 21 year old Male. I live in Oregon, USA. I am in lower management of McDonald's. I have a dog that is turning a year on Xmas of 2007. He's a German Shepard, Black Lab, Pit Bull mix. Though he only shows the Lab and Shepard. He's got brown / golden Shepard body and colorings, and the Lab ears. His name is Volt and to me he is my son. I have a Kitten that was born less then a month ago as of Dec. 1, 2007- her name is Misa. I live with two females. I am a homosexual and any harassment is -not- appreciated.

Favorite Anime/Movies:
Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, Bleach, Slayers (all series), Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Sailor Moon, Chrono Crusade, Ouran High School Host Club, I! My! Me! Strawberry Eggs!, Magical Sensei Negima, Evangalion, Chobits, Azumanga Daioh!, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Orgasmo, Chuck and Larry, Click, Hoodwinked,


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Sasuke's Secret Writings

Here's where I keep some of my most inward thoughts. I'm not sure if any person will read these...

Sasuke  Kun of Konoha
Vaun Sylipher
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Vengeance... is mine.

I'm not done yet! Last one, Lion's Barrage!