Nobody's Perfect and I stand accused

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My name is Stormy Sky,
yes, for real.
I've got a degree in college.
I'm 20.
Good times are probably one of my favorite things.
I have a tattoo picture right.
I'm getting at least three more heart
I recently pierced my tummy.
It's the only one i'm getting sweatdrop

I'm a writer.
For real.
I've got four books done in a series.
The main character is Layla Izilem.
I've got some details in my diary.
Check it.
I'm writing the fifth and final one right now.
It's taking time.
I'm working on a dracomancer novel.
It's taking longer.
I'm also working on another book.
It's complicated.
Ask me about them.

I love roleplaying.
Please invite me heart
I'm fun to talk to.
Trust me.
I have two cats. Both boys.
Trouble is a tuxedo kitty.
Someone tired to poison him.
We beat it.
I've had him since he was born in my lap.
Eight years ago.
Charlie Oliver Malley is an orange tabby.
He looks like Puss in Boots.
He's my break-up kitty.
He's in his terrible two's.
And they are terrible.
I love them more than I could a human child.



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